The ultimate guide for moving your home spa

The ultimate guide for moving your home spa

Moving your home spa won’t be an easy task but we will show you how and who can help you with this difficult task. Having a home spa is a luxury not many people can afford. You should be proud you have one. But in order to have a good home spa, you need to take good care of it. That is the key to everything after all – proper maintenance. If you are moving and have enough space in your new place for your luxury amenities like a spa you surely would want to bring the one that you have and not make a whole different and new spa. You have invested a lot in this one so let’s see all the ways you can do it and who can help you.

Hot tub spa

Some people call the hot tub spa – home spa. They can be very relaxing and are perfect for a relaxing night with your spouse after the kids have fallen asleep. That can be something just for the two of you. So, when you plan on relocating you would naturally want to bring the hot tub spa with you in your new home especially if you have the room to spare for this luxury. They are not very complicated to relocate, but they are very big and heavy so keep that in mind. Doing it on your own might be impossible. So, you have two options :

  • call your friends to help you out – but that way you have the risk of hurting destroying the spa while cariying it since you dont have the proper equipment and are not in the moving line of business.
  • search for professional advice on Master Moving Guide website and find movers to do this heavy task for you and that way you will avoid hurting yourself of your hot tub

Outdoor spa

An outdoor spa is still a hot tub spa but it can be in the ground or above the ground. They tend to be a bit bigger which makes moving your home spa pretty difficult. It’s not impossible of course. You can move your spa on its side or on its base as long as it comfortably fits in the truck and that will do the trick. But that’s easier said than done.

moving your home spa is never easy
Having an outdoor spa surely is a great thing. You can enjoy it so much.

The whole room for a home spa

A home spa can also be that luxury room that you have always imagined with a sauna, hot tub, fancy stones, and such. Relocating all that is not something you should not do on your own. Simply because there is too much risk involved. This is just a recommendation, the spa is yours to do what you want of course.

Preparations and planning ahead

When it comes to relocating very big household items preparation is very important. This shouldn’t be done in a hurry. Moving your home spa is exactly that case. Before you start packing it or before movers do that for you you need to make sure that your tub is perfectly clean and ready to go. You can do this step on your own since you are probably already cleaning the tub very often.

When it comes to planning ahead making checklists might be the best way to do it.

Moving your home spa – people who can help you

We already mentioned the two choices you have for this relocation. You either call your friends to help you or you hire professional movers. Before you choose calculate the risks. With movers, you have moving insurance, if your friends are helping you not only that you don’t have insurance you can risk injuring them. So, is it really cheaper?

Professional movers

Since we already talked about how moving your tub is something you probably shouldn’t do it yourself let’s talk more about movers. The whole process should start by calling them, ask for a moving estimate, and start from there. Also, mention the time frame that works best for you. Surely you can figure out together what works best for you.

The whole relocation

The hot tub is surely the biggest item you need to bring or at least one of the biggest but besides that, you still have plenty of household items to pack. Since you are hiring movers they can also help you with many other things you need along the way. That way your relocation will be stress-free. That is always a piece of good news.

Moving day

Moving day is the most hectic part of relocation. All the stress adds up because you have been preparing for so long and after this day you know that you will be in your new home which is very exciting. You need to think about yourself as well during this day. Make sure that you bring food and water for you on the way and to sleep well the night before. In case you didn’t know there are moving apps that can be helpful. They can help you with packing, making checklists but also to help you relax along the way.

Movers will deal with the hard part.

When the home spa arrives at its destination

Is moving your home spa finally over and it’s in your new home? How exciting is that? You will finally be able to enjoy it again and in a new home. Before you use it again you should clean it once again even though you did this before relocation. This is for your own safety. You can even hire people to clean it for you. As long as it’s clean doesn’t really matter who will be doing the chore.

Good luck with your upcoming relocation and we hope everything goes as smoothly as it can. If you hire movers chances are it will since they are the experts after all.

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