The pros and cons of self-storage

The pros and cons of self-storage

First of all for some who are not quite sure what self-storage is let’s explain it better and then we can discuss is this a good solution or are there better ones out there. This is a system where individuals rent containers or units of space (with a roof of course ) within a large warehouse to store possessions. So it is not the same as when you rent storage from licensed movers or when you find temperature-controlled storage. There are some pros and of course, there are some cons as well, so let’s get to it.

Pros for self-storage

The first pro for self-storage is prices of course. They tend to be more affordable. Also, since they are privately owned you can agree with the owner on terms that work best for you. Those terms don’t have to be conventional like weekly or monthly checks like you do with those big storage units that you rent from movers. So those are some pros. Also if you know someone who owns a self-storage that can be a pro. Just like if you have some near your place. Self-storage can be a good business, even you can do it if you have the place.

making a pro and con list for self-storage

It will be easier to decide if you make a pro and con list.

Cons for self-storage

Those are privately owned units. You can not get insurance on your belongings that will be there. Also, unlike in temperature-controlled units mold can outbreak at any time. That can ruin your furniture or art or such. When you rent storage from movers they can come and relocate all your belongings for you. They can even deal with packing and such. Also, there will be no guard so if something gets stolen you won’t even know right on and chances of recovering your stolen items are slim. When renting a unit in a warehouse there are always security cameras and guards keeping everything safe. That is the reason you are paying a higher price.

self storage

If you have lots of valuables then we suggest you consider storage units from the warehouse. They always have guards.

How to choose

First, you need to know exactly what are you storing and how valuable those items are. Then you need to see what is close to you. Most people want their belongings to be near them. That can be a big factor in deciding. Also, your budget is a factor. So you need to plan that and take it into consideration. Make sure to visit the storage unit you like before deciding. If some of the items that will be stored belong to your other family members talk to them as well. Also if you have some friends with the same dilemma, talk to them discuss the pros and cons. Also making a list of pros and cons in order to see all in writing might be helpful. As long as you do the research and make sure that you are fine with your decision everything will be well.

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