Canadian’s guide to the most beautiful landscapes in California

Canadian’s guide to the most beautiful landscapes in California

California has always been one of the most exciting and visited destinations in the US. Sure the hustle and bustle of the big cities seem exciting. Plus, there is always that prestigious Hollywood charm that represents this state. Yet, one thing that might take the cake away from other states is the gorgeous nature that this American gem has to offer to its visitors. There are countless beautiful landscapes in California. There are so many of them, that it is close to impossible to see them all. With all that being said, it is only natural that not even Canadian’s are immune to what Cali has to offer. So, if you decide to visit the Bear Flagg State, you must have these destinations on your trip’s itinerary.

Moving to California from Canada

Once we dive into the most beautiful landscapes in California it will be evident why so many are targeting this state as their new home. Newcomers from all over the world are looking forward to moving here. But, moving is no simple task. Especially, when doing it from afar. Thus, if you decide to move to California from Canada, always make sure you have professionals by your side. Hiring professional movers will ensure you have an enjoyable and stress-free relocation. If you don’t have a clue on how to find a reliable moving company, don’t worry. You can start your search with

Packed and ready boxes that you prepared after your visit to most beautiful landscapes in California.

Professional movers will not only help you transport your belongings, but they will also make sure that your belongings are safely packed and prepared for your relocation.

The most beautiful landscapes in California

There is one problem with nature in California. There are so many breathtaking places that you might not have a clue where to start your adventure. Not to mention, if you are pressed with time you will need to make a choice on which landscapes to see and which to leave behind. As simple as this might seem, choosing can be quite a challenge. For that reason, we are sharing with you our absolute favorites. After you visit them, hopefully, they will be your favorite places in Cali as well. After you are done with this adventure you might be one of those people that is even contemplating buying a home in California.

Lake Tahoe

When talking about Californian natural beauties, this place is considered to be the cream de la cream. Lake Taho is a freshwater lake, located in the Sierra Nevada mountains. It is known as one of the largest Alpine lakes in the country. When visiting this unique place get ready to be blown away by the clarity of the lake water. It is truly one of a kind lake. To soak in all the scenery take a hike down Tahoe Rim Trail.

Napa Valley

This is a place that no wine lover should skip visiting. No wonder it is one of the cities most admired by newcomers in California. The famous wine region is home to 400 exquisite wineries. Before you start literally tasting what Napa has to offer you should head on over to the Downtown area. The display of architecture is truly amazing. In case you are feeling even more adventurous, you can always take a hot air balloon ride and see the entire wine country. Once you have satisfied your adventurous side, it is time to make the foody in you happy. There are countless restaurants that you can enjoy and they all serve top-of-the-notch food and wine. For those looking for an extra luxurious experience, make sure you don’t skip staying at Meadowood.
Pier on Lake Tahoe with a nice view of the lake and the greenery around it.

There is a special calmness and earthiness that surrounds you when being by Lake Tahoe. It is hard to resist.

Santa Barbara

When you visit Santa Barbara you will realize why California is one of the best states to start a life. This area homes three amazing beaches and provides many inviting hiking trails. The town is basically made up of villas that line the oceanfront and as a whole, it is a sight for sore eyes. It is unarguably one of the most beautiful landscapes in California. Next to the waterfront, the Downtown area is also very interesting for newcomers and visitors. It is made up of many little shops and a European-style open market. As a whole Santa Barba is a great place for outdoor fun and relaxation.

The Golden Gate Bridge

While the rest of our beautiful landscapes in California might not be known all over the world, this one sure is. Locate in San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge is surely something worth seeing. The best possible way to experience is by crossing it on two wheels. Bikes can be rented near Fisherman’s Wharf. While you are at it don’t forget to stop for lunch in the town of Sausalito.

View of the Golden Gate Bridge during the day.

Once you are done exploring the bridge you can always attend the Alcatraz prison tour. See which correctional facility was home to Al Capone and other infamous lawbreakers.

What if you decide to stay!?

Falling in love with what you have seen comes as no surprise. That is why many Canadians do not hesitate to relocate to the Golden State. So, get assistance if you decide to stay.  There are plenty of moving professionals that provide exceptional moving services. Moving with a helping hand is more than possible in California. This way you won’t need to worry about your upcoming move. All your energy will be positive and geared towards your new Californian life.


In the end, there is no doubt that there are countless beautiful landscapes in California. It is hard to decide which one is more spectacular than the other. We have shared with you our absolute favorites, but keep in mind that there is much more where that came from. Continue researching on your own as well, because the last thing you want to do is miss out on other great natural wonders in Cali.

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