How to pack shoes for a move?

How to pack shoes for a move?

For some people shoes are a necessity, for others, they are a passion. If you are preparing to move you should make sure that your shoes are taken care of properly. There are several tricks you can apply to avoid tearing, deforming, and breaking your shoes. Just like with everything else you need to pack, there is a process you should follow when you pack shoes for a move.


Many aspects of your move need to be sorted. Organize your relocation and start preparing early. While sorting out your belongings for the move, put some time aside to go through your shoes. Sort your shoes in different groups, seasonal shoes, most often worn, formal shoes, casual shoes, and such. If you organize shoes this way it will be a lot easier to pack them later.

Donate or sell

One of the groups that you create while sorting your shoes should be “shoes that you don’t want anymore”. If the shoes in this group are in good condition, you should consider donating or selling them. Selling them could boost your relocation budget.

Brush and protect before you pack shoes for a move

Preparing your shoes before you pack them is a good starting point towards keeping them fresh and in mint condition during your move.

Prepare your shoes

Whether you plan on packing your shoes by yourself or you plan to hire a moving company, thereĀ are some steps that you need to take beforehand. Preparation is a key step in protecting your shoes from damage. You must protect your shoes. Otherwise, they could become moldy and develop bad smells, especially your leather shoes.

  • Your shoes must be clean.
  • If you don’t want your shoes to cave in you should stuff socks or crumpled paper in them.
  • Your shoes should be dry before packing, you can consider powdering the inside of the shoes to draw out moisture.


Packing is always tiresome and time-consuming, but even if you need to pack and move in a hurry there are tips you can apply that can help you. Here are our tips on how to pack shoes for a move:

  • If you still have the original boxes, this is ideal. Pack your shoes in these boxes. If you want to, you can wrap them in some packing paper first.
  • If you don’t have the original boxes you should wrap packing paper around your shoes as it will protect them from scuffing and rubbing.
  • Before putting shoeboxes or wrapped up shoes into packing boxes, line the boxes with crumpled paper.
  • If there are gaps in the packing box you can fill them with crumpled paper or other padding material.
  • Once you close the box, seal it with packing tape and label the box.
  • Ensure that your shoes don’t smell musty by putting fragrant teabags inside the boxes. Teabags of mint, orange space, or lavender can freshen up your shoeboxes so that when you open them in your new home they smell fresh.
  • When placing your shoes in a larger packing box, place the heaviest pairs at the bottom of the box.

That one pair

Leave the shoes that you use most frequently for last. Pack them somewhere where they are easily accessible. Leave your most comfortable shoes out and wear them during the move, it will be an active and tough day so it is important to be as comfortable as you can.

People wearing shoes sitting on a rock.

Leave one comfortable pair of shoes for a moving day. It’s gonna be hectic.

Take the next step!

Follow these tips to make sure you do a good job and pack shoes for a move safely, so that your shoes are fresh and ready to be worn as soon as you move into your new home. Enjoy a stroll around your new neighborhood in any one of the shoes you choose to wear.

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