How to pack and move your hobby room

How to pack and move your hobby room

You are passionate about your hobby and have dedicated an entire room to your passion. But the time has come for you to move and you worry about how you are going to pack and move your hobby room. You need to be prepared and organize everything on time. Here are some tips that can help.

How to pack and move

There are many things to consider once you have decided to move. The first thing you need to do is organize your relocation. Making an inventory of your belongings is a key part of that organization but to be able to create one, you will need to know exactly what you are taking with you. Downsizing and decluttering room by room will make creating an inventory and packing your belongings easier. So, let’s begin.

Downsizing and decluttering

  • As with any move, you should try to declutter and if you are moving into a smaller space you should probably downsize.
  • You should start packing things from your hobby room and at the same time try to declutter. There are a lot of creative ways that you can use to declutter your home. Make a pile of the items that you want to keep, one with the things you wish to give away, and one with the belongings you wish to throw away. Give yourself enough time to go through the items needed for your hobby and to sort them. There will probably be many items that you don’t need, don’t want, or are not of use to you anymore.
  • Throw away any outdated supplies or those which are no longer usable.
  • Broken supplies are not of use to anybody so find a recycling option or throw them away.
  • Once you have sorted your items, consider what is worth taking and what is cheaper to replace once you move into your new home.

Have a giveaway party

When you finish sorting your supplies and you decide what you wish to keep and what you wish to give away perhaps the best thing to do is to organize a goodbye party with people who like the same hobby as you. During the party, your guests can go through the items you no longer want and help themselves. This is one way of making sure the items you give away will end up in the hands of enthusiasts of the same hobby as you.

A table set with several champagne glasses, ready for a party.

Having a farewell party where you give away unneeded items can help you get rid of many unwanted things.

Create an inventory

After you finish decluttering and downsizing it is time to start packing. But first, create an inventory. You should list everything that you want to take with you to your new home in your inventory. Some items might be expensive or rare, and if something happens to them while on the move you should be able to ask your movers for a refund, depending on the insurance that your moving company offers. Another good thing about making an inventory when planning to move your hobby room is that you can mark which items will go where in your new home. Having an inventory is also very useful when checking whether everything is there when you unpack.

A drawing of a planner with a pencil on it which you can use when figuring out how to pack and move.

Making an inventory will make your life a lot easier when considering how to pack and move.

Items you buy for your hobby might not be expensive if you buy them one at a time, but the chances are that if you have a hobby room, you have had your hobby for quite a while and have probably amassed a decent collection of hobby items. Losing or misplacing many of these items at once can represent a large financial loss, not to mention an emotional loss.  So, make sure you create a good inventory and organize your move properly.

Pack your supplies

Your hobby room is a place where you feel free and safe. Even if it is a form of organized chaos, you know where everything belongs and is at every moment. Moving can shake things up a little bit. This is why it is a good idea to organize your belongings and which items will go where in your new home prior to your move. This way it will be easier for you to place everything where you want it to be when you get to your new home.

Tips – how to pack your supplies

There are several things you could do to help make moving your hobby room easier:

  • You could use spice containers, prescription bottles, and pillboxes to store small items like beads, screws, or paper clips.
  • Clamshell toolboxes can be shut tightly so you could use them as organizers and stored items will not be tossed around.
  • If you need to pack liquids like paint or polyacrylic coating you can use plastic wrap after the lid is screwed on. Also, you can put them in lock-top plastic bags.
  • Having a lot of paper can make a mass. So, try to store paper in folders, boxes, or envelopes so as not to ruin the paper.
  • Little metal pieces can easily get lost when you move your hobby room. You can use magnets to keep them in one place.
  • If you want to take a whole drawer with supplies you can try taping it shut or roping it.
  • Make sure that any sharp supplies are properly packed so they don’t injure anybody.
  • Depending on your hobby, you might need various types of storage containers. Find the storage containers that are best suited for your supplies.
  • If you have supply bins with wheels you can remove the wheels and put them in a bag that you will store inside the bins.
Painting supplies.

Whatever your hobby is, make sure that your supplies are properly stored and taken care of.

Movers and storage

You may have special items that you should store in units with special conditions. Whether the items require a certain temperature or amount of light you need to be clear when discussing this topic with your movers. If they are responsible for your belongings during the move they need to know if there are items that need special treatment. Find out about moving non-allowable items from your moving company. It’s probably best for you to pack your items from your hobby room and then arrange everything else with your chosen movers. But be sure that this service is considered when you get your estimate so you don’t have any surprises.

The same applies if you want to use a storage unit. Arrange temperature-sensitive storage for your valuable hobby supplies if needed. Make sure to clearly explain to your storage company what is required of them and ask about their prices.

Having a room for your hobby, where you can be free and creative is great for the soul. When relocating try to make space for a hobby room in your new home. Knowing how to pack and move your hobby room will ensure that your items are moved safely. You will be ready to resume dedicating your time and passion to your hobby as soon as possible.

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