How to prepare fragile items for storage?

How to prepare fragile items for storage?

You have to be extra careful in order to prepare fragile items for storage. Your glasses, mirrors, artworks, or any other kind of brittle items, are nothing like heavy and sturdy furniture. So, it demands an additional level of precaution and preparation. Fortunately, with the right supplies, and at least basic knowledge, you will be able to handle the situation.

A couple of steps to prepare fragile items for storage

Imagine your precious porcelain, surviving all those years only to accidentally break because of bad packing. It can be quite a frustrating and disappointing situation. Fortunately, you can prepare yourself in order to avoid that kind of situation. Actually, it’s not so hard to learn how to prepare your delicate items for storage. There are a couple of basic things to know before moving house and you should be are ready:

  • Pick the right packing supplies
  • Pay attention to the size and quality of boxes
  • Clean your items before storing
  • Make sure there is no “movement” inside the boxes
  • Properly label the boxes

Pick the right packing supplies

One of the most important things when packing fragile items is to pick the appropriate packing materials. Among other things, boxes come in all shapes and sizes. However, boxes are not the only thing you will need. Things like tapes, different wrapping materials, various separators, and filling materials can greatly protect your items from any damage. Don’t rely on free and cheap versions of packages because it might cost you a lot more if anything goes wrong.

Four kinds of stickers for sensitive items.

You can buy various stickers when gathering your packing materials.

Pay attention to the size and quality of boxes

Again, you can find boxes of any size. Generally, you should aim for sturdier boxes if you plan to store your items for longer. A plastic container has more chance to survive if you need to place it on top of another. Also, avoid placing too many items in the same box. This should not be hard, and the majority of possessions can fit into a small or medium-sized box.

Wooden boxes in the corner of a storage unit.

Crates are a bit expensive but they are a great choice for fragile items.

Clean your items before storing

Cleaning is very important because it will prevent damaging your items if they stay in storage for too long. For example, your glassware should be perfectly clean to avoid stains. Your clothing as well, because all kinds of bacteria can develop in a dirty environment. Additionally, your items will be clean and ready once you unpack them for use. Vacuum bags are great when you plan to store your clothes. For carpets, and similar materials, use additional protective agents against moths and other pests. Don’t forget to check on your stored items, from time to time, to be sure nothing wrong is going on.

Make sure there is no “movement” inside the boxes

When packing extremely fragile items like glassware, make sure each item has its own layer of protection. For example, each glass should be wrapped separately. And, even after placing them in the same box, check if there is any shifting or any kind of movement inside the box. If you don’t have professional packing materials just use what you have. Sometimes, even an ordinary kitchen sponge can help. Just cut it into larger pieces and place it between the glasses. Additionally, avoid experimenting with horizontal placement because the weight can easily break the item. Finally, try to fill the empty space in the boxes. Paper, packing peanuts, or towels, anything will do.

Properly label the boxes when you prepare fragile items for storage

In the end, make sure your boxes are labeled correctly. Label the boxes with “fragile” and place a mark, or arrow, to know which side should be facing up. Be sure they are visible when you store them away. Also, consider climate-controlled units when you prepare fragile items for storage. Items like various artwork might need just that.

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