Canada family’s guide to the must-see places in California

Canada family’s guide to the must-see places in California

If you are visiting the U.S from Canada, California is one of the best U. S. states out there. California has never-ending sunshine, and it is one of the most welcoming places in America. Besides the weather, California has many cities that you can visit with your family and spend a wonderful weekend or day. Follow Canada family’s guide to the must-see places in California, and you won’t be disappointed. 

Our Canada family’s guide to the must-see places in California recommends Studio City 

One of the most popular Los Angeles neighborhoods is Studio City, and if you are visiting LA, it should be first on your list. Let’s find out what should you and your family visit. 

  • Our Canada family’s guide to the must-see places in California recommends that the first place to visit in Studio City is Universal Studios. If you are a movie buff, this place will awaken the child in you with its many rides. And your children will love it too. Together you will create unforgettable memories at Universal Studios. 
  • The second place you should visit is Pinz Bowling Alley. Another spot on our list where you and your family can have fun together bowling. Pinz Bowling Alley stands out from other bowling places because it was featured on many popular TV shows in America. 
  • Finally, if you and your partner want to take a breather from your kids’ visit restaurants serving delicious foods from various cuisines. And if you need to unwind and let loose, check out the bars in Studio City. If all of these things seem appealing to you and you want to move to Studio City, learn how to organize a relocation.
Universal Studios globe, read about must-see places in California
Universal Studios is a must-see for you and your family.

Besides its tourist attractions, Studio City has parks where you can get some exercise and good schools for your children. So if you want to move here, it’s best to find experts, local Studio City movers that will help you move in. And if you ever get bored of Studio City, you can always explore the rest of Los Angeles. 

Check out San Francisco

Located right on the ocean and filled with rich history and diverse culture, San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in California and maybe in America. 

When you come to San Francisco, your first stop should be the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge is inseparable from the city and the most recognized piece of architecture. It connects San Francisco with Marin County. You can drive up to see the beautiful view. But we recommend biking up so that you can experience the view and the magnificence of this structure to the fullest. And if you want to take a picture of the bridge, there are many appropriate spots nearby. 

Any Canada family’s guide to the must-see places in California should recommend seeing the view from the Golden Gate Bridge.

When you have taken in the greatness of the Golden Gate Bridge, move on to Fisherman’s Wharf. Fisherman’s Wharf is one of the best locations for tourists visiting San Francisco for the first time. This neighborhood was once known as Little Italy of San Francisco. Now it is known for its many restaurants and shops on the waterfront. 

When you complete browsing the shops in Fisherman’s Wharf, move on to Chinatown. No Chinatown is like the Chinatown in San Francisco. There you can get the most authentic Chinese food.

While San Francisco has many more things to offer, we recommend visiting Alcatraz Island. Go to the famous Alcatraz prison by ferry and get a tour narrated by former inmates and guards. But if these attractions make you fall in love with San Francisco and you need a secure place for your items when you move here, we can help. We offer short-term and long-term storage, and for your most sensitive belongings, consider getting a climate-controlled unit. 

Our Canada family’s guide to the must-see places in California recommends San Diego  

The final city in our guide is San Diego. It does not matter what time you visit San Diego, you can always spend time outside. San Diego has beautiful weather all year round, and you can spend your time on beautiful San Diego beaches. Besides sunbathing you can go surfing, kayaking and do many more water sports. 

But San Diego is not only beaches and sunshine. The city cares about its history, art, and culture. If you are into history, check out Balboa Park, which has fascinating museums devoted to various subjects. And for your children, there are children’s museums, take them to Fleet Science Center where they can see science in a different and exciting way.  

If you are a fan of theater, try and get tickets for a play in Old Glob. And if you come in summer, there will be a lot of plays by Shakespeare in the Old Glob. 

red theater chairs
Catch a play in the Old Globe.

And if your family wants to see a festival, you have to time it right. You will probably get to find a festival that you will enjoy. If you are a lover of films, come to the annual San Diego International Film Festival. There you and your family can watch movies in many different genres. For music lovers, there are music festivals. For example, there is Gator By The Bay for jazz lovers. And for rock lovers come and check out KAABOO San Diego. 

As you can see, San Diego has a lot to offer, and if you come and visit it, you might want to relocate. To help you with that, hire They will assist you with any relocation needs and get you to your new place in no time. 

You are ready to visit California 

We hope that our Canada family’s guide to the must-see places in California encourages you to visit. And if you decide to move to any of the cities on the list, find a decent mover that you can trust. 

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