Tips for Spring-Cleaning During Self-Isolation

Tips for Spring-Cleaning During Self-Isolation

This year we have had a lot of unforeseen circumstances and are still adjusting. As the world has been battling with the virus and getting communities to work together to beat this, it can be hard to stay positive and motivated. In addition, social distancing is a must nowadays and self-isolation can be a bit difficult. What’s important throughout these tough times is that we stay mentally strong for a better tomorrow. Other than trying out new recipes, doing home workouts, and focusing on your backyard garden, you could try spring cleaning. Continue reading for our simple and quick tips on spring-cleaning during self-isolation

House Spring-Cleaning

Whether you want to spruce up your current home and start fresh, or you are moving into your new home, spring cleaning is a good way to start. With the days being longer and the weather warming up a bit, it will be easier to thoroughly clean inside and outside of your house

An illustration of a woman having fun while conducting spring-cleaning during self-isolation.
Spring cleaning is a great way to start fresh and also stay productive.

As we have mentioned, we are going through a self-isolation period. Many people around the world are currently without a job, and spend the majority of their time at home. It is very easy to become unmotivated and sit all day. Our phones and the television can make that very easy and suddenly every day becomes a lazy day. However, it is important to keep yourself busy. You will not only maintain a level of productivity but you will also kill time in a positive way. Therefore, since you already are at home most of the day, why not start spring cleaning? Get it out of the way so that when we begin to go back to normal, you can enjoy everything else. 

Cleaning Tips

One of our biggest tips when it comes to spring cleaning during self-isolation and in general is to first declutter. By decluttering prior to cleaning, you will as a result open up the space within your home, hence making it easier to clean. Sometimes we don’t realize how cluttered our rooms might be until we start decluttering. Therefore, get rid of excess items, or consider putting them in storage if you think you might need them down the road. 

An illustration of a male and a female cleaner in a uniform.
Split tasks between family members. A group effort will make spring cleaning faster and more efficient.

Moreover, your spring cleaning does not have to be done all in one day. As we have more hours at home than usual, you can afford to split the cleaning process throughout a few days. This way, you won’t have to rush and exhaust yourself. It will also provide you with tasks on a daily basis. In addition, get the family to help! A group effort will make things simpler. For example, you could have your kids go through their old toys and declutter their own rooms. A fresh start for the entire family!

Room by Room Tips for Spring-Cleaning during Self-Isolation

Another one of our tips is to create a plan before you start spring cleaning. Use this plan as a checklist to be guided by. For example, you can write down in detail what you should focus on in each room. Overall, it will serve as a beneficial reminder so that you don’t forget something that you have to attend to later on. All in all, there are also no rules as to where you should start. Create your plan and your spring-cleaning schedule the way that it will work best for you. 

An illustration of a person using a laptop and making notes.
Sit down and create a plan. With a checklist, you can maintain organization throughout the cleaning process.

Cleaning Supplies for Spring-Cleaning during Self-Isolation

Remember how we said to create a cleaning plan? Another positive aspect of a plan is that you can also write down a list of all cleaning supplies you will need for spring cleaning. Considering self-isolation and social distancing, you should not be going to the store multiple times a day. This way, if you make a list you can go to the store once and get everything that you need before you start cleaning. Meanwhile, if you run out of cleaning supplies, you can rely on the ingredients you already have at home and make your own homemade cleaning solution. With multiple recipes online and a little bit of baking soda, lemon, water, and essential oils, you could make a solution that would clean multiple surfaces. 


Spring cleaning isn’t solely about vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning the windows. It’s about all the spots and places we don’t notice at first. For example, things such as the fridge door handle or the oven door often get forgotten about yet can get very stained and dirty. Also, when it comes to cleaning the windows, it isn’t just about the windows. If you take a closer look at your blinds, it is only then that you notice the amount of dust that gets accumulated. Therefore, it is essential to take your time spring-cleaning. Putting in the necessary effort and focus will make your house that much cleaner afterward. 

Maintain Organization

With a plan and a checklist, your spring-cleaning during self-isolation will be successful. Boredom is an annoying constant during self-isolation, and the best way to kick it out the door is to keep active and productive. How do you stick with it? By setting up a schedule that works for you. For example, stay organized by splitting your spring cleaning throughout the week. Monday can be spent vacuuming and dusting the bigger areas. On Tuesday, you could clean the windows. On Wednesday, you could clean the bathroom and Thursday can be kitchen day. Whichever order you go in, and however you create your schedule, as long as you stay on track, it’s all good. 

The organization is the one element that will make this process go smoother and easier. Completing tasks one by one will also give you a sense of achievement, therefore keeping you motivated and energized. Overall, be resourceful and creative. In order to come out of this period and self-isolation stronger, we have to keep working on ourselves. So, get a little pep in your step, and get spring-cleaning

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