Biggest challenges Saudis face once they move to Canada

Biggest challenges Saudis face once they move to Canada

When we hear stories about moving to a certain country and adjusting to cultural shocks, we usually hear them about different people moving to Saudi Arabia. After all, that is the number one place most people migrate to. However, it is not uncommon to hear Saudis moving to other places. For instance, most of them move to Canada – a place with a great economy, top-notch real estate, excellent education, and thrilling entertainment options. But, even though Canada is such a great place to call home, adjusting to a certain lifestyle can be quite difficult. And, that will be our topic of the day. Today, we will focus on the biggest challenges Saudis face once they move to Canada. Hopefully, this can help you too if you are planning to move to the Great White North.


Language has always been a number one problem for immigrants. Being able to communicate on a daily basis, can make or break one’s life in a certain country. Without language, one cannot work, go to school, etc., one can simply not find its way around. So, it just goes without saying that language is one of the biggest challenges Saudis face once they move to Canada. And even though Saudis widely use the English language, their official language was and always will be Arabic. Thus, before you start picking the right moving services for your international move, be sure you can actually speak the language of Canadian people, that is, English. Moreover, keep in mind that in some Canadian provinces, people use French as their native language too!

Two women talking about the challenges Saudis face once they move to Canada

Language is definitely one of the biggest challenges Saudis face once they move to Canada.


Next on our list of the biggest challenges Saudis face once they move to Canada is employment. Of course, many Saudis who are moving to Canada, do so because they already found a new job worth doing far from home. But, that is not always the case. Some Saudis organize their entire move with the help of Four Winds KSA, and then they start looking for a job. It is not unheard of, but it is a big barrier.

Finding a job can be a challenge, especially if you are a Saudi with specific preferences, that is if you want a job that entirely suits your skills and experiences. It is important to understand that education and work in Canada and Saudi Arabia are quite different and that that can complicate things. So, if you are a Saudi moving to Canada, try to land a job first. 


When you move to Canada, apart from finding a job, you must also find a place to live. Of course, Saudis who came to Canada because of a specific job will look for housing near their offices, or (if they are lucky) be settled in by their company. Yes, there are different relocation packages which cover not only moving costs but also the costs of finding a home, that is, of hiring a real estate agent.

However, if your future company does not include this in the relocation package, it would be best to hire a real estate agent yourself. Real estate agents are trained and experienced professionals who will be able to help you find the home of your dreams – a home that suits your budget and all of your needs. Thus, when you start looking for the best international movers to help you move, do not forget to look for some Canadian real estate agents to help you find your new home too.

A real estate agent showing a home on the screen..

Hiring a local real estate agent is always a good idea, especially when moving from Saudi Arabia to Canada.

The Weather

Adjusting to Canadian weather conditions can be especially hard for Saudis. Why? Because they come from a desert-like climate. They experience extreme heat all year round and Canada’s weather is a whole other story. The northern part of the country is extremely cold. Winters are long and freezing and summers are short and chilly. The central part of the country has a typical continental climate – cold winters and hot summers.

Thus, before you come here, be sure to buy some winter clothes – trust us, you will need them. And, do not worry about the relocation of all of your winter items (and all of your household items as well), with the right removalist company, shipping items can be a breeze. The moving company you hired will either ship everything or direct you to the best shipping company they work with. Either way, your items will arrive at your new Canadian address soon.

Cultural Differences

As you have seen, Canada is not really what one could call a country with a perfect climate. But, adjusting to different weather conditions is not one of the biggest challenges Saudis face once they move to Canada – adjusting to cultural differences is way worse. These differences can range from different social customs to severe issues regarding gender, religion, sexuality, etc. However, in a country as open-minded as Canada, this should not be a problem. Canadian cities are actually made of immigrants. Wherever you go, you will definitely see different ethnicities, you will hear different languages, you will taste different cuisines. And, that is definitely something Canadian people pride themselves in. So, do not let cultural differences scare you!

Four women waving.

Canada’s people are some of the friendliest people in the world.

Childrens’ Adjustment

One of the last but definitely not the least big challenges Saudis face once they move to Canada concerns their children. Little ones, just like adults, can have a hard time adjusting to this big change. For them, a relocation from Saudi Arabia to Canada may seem like the end of the world. So if you let specialists handle transfer of your belongings, you will be able to focus on this problem more intensively.

Children will have to say goodbye to everybody and everything they know. They will have to change schools, and most importantly, they will have to move to a country that is completely different from their own (in terms of language, customs, and all those little everyday things). Thus, if you plan on moving with your children to Canada, be sure to give them all of your attention. Be with them the whole time! Explain why this move was necessary! And try to focus only on the positive aspects of this relocation. Children imitate their parents, thus, try to be happy and enthusiastic and they will be too.

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