Realtor’s guide to moving to Surrey, Canada

Realtor’s guide to moving to Surrey, Canada

Anyone looking for a bustling city with fast-paced life should look no further than Surrey, Canada. This city is constantly changing, with economic stability and focus on growth, Surrey has no shortage of new residents- there are many reasons peple choose to relocate here . In addition, the real estate market in Surrey is quite active. So, for anyone looking to settle in Surrey, we have put together a realtor’s guide to moving to Surrey, Canada.

Pricy housing market

Truth is, while Surrey is a great place to be, the housing market right now is a bit pricy. Townhomes in the city currently sit at an average price of $638,462, while apartments are going for an average of $408,605. In addition, prices in the city have been constantly increasing, and aren’t showing any signs of stopping in the foreseeable future. While this can be off putting for someone looking to settle there, this is also a great opportunity. Investing into real estate in Surrey is almost guaranteed to bring a large profit. However, you should be aware of the property taxes on a new home before you consider buying.

Key hanging out of door lock.
The real estate market in Surrey is active, and investing is profitable.

The next metropolitan center

Surrey is a rapidly growing city, with 1,000 new residents every month. Recent estimates state that, by the year 2030, it will be the largest city in British Columbia. And there are already plans in place to construct a Metropolitan Center. And because this plan involves attracting investors and growing a steady business community in the city, Surrey is looking like a good place to be for business owners as well.

A great city for families

Much like the city itself, the school district in Surrey is the fastest growing in British Columbia. It offers high quality primary and secondary schools, with more and more varied classes being introduced. Besides the top quality education, Surrey is also considered one of the most family friendly cities in Canada. It houses a wide array of parks, playhouses, playgrounds and diverse youth centers for children of any age. Additionally, experts from Centennial Moving state that most of their clients moving to Surrey, Canada have been young families.

Family in park
Surrey is a wonderful place for growing families.

Full of opportunities

Surrey’s constant growth has led to an increase in job opportunities. And, while the city has become pricier recently, the job market more than makes up for it. The salaries in Surrey are respectable, and finding a job is quite easy. There is already work for pretty much anyone, and the city’s constant expansion can only lead to even more opportunities within the city.

Moving to Surrey, Canada

The largest stepping stone when it comes to moving to Surrey is, by far, the steep price of houses and apartments. However, rent prices in Surrey are quite reasonable. As such, settling down in Surrey isn’t out of reach. For anyone looking to plan a move to here, we recommend hiring local movers to help you settle in. Local movers are familiar with the area and will know how to handle the traffic, and besides: it’s always smart to turn to experts nearby to help you out.

Cost of life

Surrey is a little bit more expensive when it comes to cost of living than the rest of Canada. With a family of four on average spending $3,207 monthly, without rent and a single person spending an average of $879 monthly. While these prices are a little higher than the rest of Canada, the wages and opportunities in Surrey more than make up for it.

Closing thoughts

Surrey, Canada is a wonderful place to be for anyone. Full opportunities and very family friendly, it has something to offer for anyone looking to become a resident. However, with the steep prices of housing, you should be aware of how to spot hidden moving costs while planning your move. We hope you found this realtor’s guide to moving to Surrey, Canada helpful, and we wish you luck.

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