Best NYC neighborhoods for Canadian families

Best NYC neighborhoods for Canadian families

When you are leaving your home, town, or even a state, make it count. Relocation is much easier when you have the right reason to do it. Changing the location requires finding a place, based on your detailed research, looking for help, and moving. It seems like an exhausting job but if you have the right motive everything can become much easier. The desire to provide the family with a better life and conditions for growth and success is the best motive in the world. There is no greater place in the world to achieve your dreams than New York City but making a decision to bite the Big Apple is not enough. When you are having your loved ones by your side it is important to take care of details. Finding the best NYC neighborhoods for Canadian families is easy because the city has so much to offer.

It is easy to find but hard to choose

Moving from Canada to the United States of America is a big step if you are doing it all alone and if you are having family by your side it is an extreme sport. Besides the fact that you are changing the entire way of living, your home, city, and habits, you will be faced with a lot of different laws and different people. New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world, but a very specific one. You need to be prepared because this is not something you can easily get used to. This city is the center of happening, central fashion central art center or United States business. New York City is huge with many neighborhoods with a welcoming atmosphere and a place for everyone. When looking for the best NYC neighborhoods for Canadian families you need to consider the best ones at the beginning:

  • Prospect heights
  • Riverdale
  • Historic downtown
  • Waterfront

After finding the possible options, and you need to have more than one, you need to pick the right one and organize the move after that. Same as looking for a new home, you need to be equally devoted when looking for a moving company. It is important in whose hands you will leave your belongings. You can make it easier for you to pack if you take the super efficient option into consideration. Storage bins can be used for better protection of your items, you will transport your stuff more easily and you will be able to leave it in the store without any worries. This is the part you can do it by yourself but you should leave transport, loading, and unloading to the professionals.

Take a step forward

A little bit of privacy in a metropolis like NYC

Prospect height is one of those upper scale neighborhoods located in Kings County and it is by far one of the best neighborhoods for living. It has a fairly small population which is a surprise for New York City neighborhoods. Moving with the family will force you to think about your budget and financial possibilities so you need to know that the prices of homes are higher. Do not save when it comes to buying a perfect house and hiring a moving company. Each of these things is important, in its own way for a peaceful relocation. Rent is naturally also higher because this is a part of an urban area. This is rated as the fourth-best neighborhood in New York City for families because crime is on a very low level and diversity is high. Schools are very good here and highly rated and private ones are among the best in NYC.

Perfect for your family

Unlike Prospect height, Riverdale is a more affordable neighborhood, but also small and very private enough. Riverdale is located in the Bronx, and it is the best neighborhood in this part of New York City. It is a very urban place but it poses a decent amount of attractions for the families to spend their time. Home prices are a bit over state medium but below NYC prices, so it makes it a way affordable. On the edge of the neighborhood is one of the largest NYC parks “Van Cortland park”. This neighborhood is of the top ones to live in and you will not be wrong if you choose it among the other NYC neighborhoods for Canadian families.  With a little help from, your family will be able to enjoy its new life in this beautiful neighborhood. Leave all the stress of long-distance moving behind you a give yourself time to enjoy.

Find your place

Life on the river

The historic downtown is a neighborhood located near Jersey City so it is a bit bigger and pretty urban. The median home value in this neighborhood is way above the national median but with a help of a real estate agent, you will be able to find what suits you. This neighborhood has a large number of smaller parks and the Hudson river is really close. Liberty state park is a real treat and the entire park is located on the riverbank of the river. The neighborhood is among the best for young professionals which means a lot if you are planning in advance. It is important for your family to be in a supporting surrounding. This is why we can count this among the best NYC neighborhoods for Canadian families. The important fact for your kids is that crimes are low, schools are good and there are many ways to have fun.

Between NY and NJ

Waterfront is one of the bigger neighborhoods in New York City and it is also a bit expensive for living in. The home value here is above the national median price but this place is worth the investment. This is on the city limits and basically, it is also part of Jersey City. Public schools are among the best in New York and that could be a sufficient reason to count this neighborhood as one of the best NYC neighborhoods for Canadian families. It is really well connected with public transportation and you can easily go wherever you want. You can have all the peace you need for balanced family life but you will have the greatest metropolis on the tips of your fingers.

Find the chance on every corner

Invest your energy in the right things. Maybe you will need time to compare the best NYC neighborhoods for Canadian families and to pick the right one but if you start on time, everything will be ok. Prepare yourself and your loved ones for a crazy ride.

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