Guide to dealing with abandoned storage units

Guide to dealing with abandoned storage units

As an owner, if you have been renting a storage unit and discovered that it is an abandoned one, do not panic. Even if it seems like a hard thing to solve, it is not. Keep in mind that there are tips for dealing with abandoned storage units. Like you know, there are the real benefits of renting a storage unit for both sides. But, in situations like this, you need to be calm and to find the best solution. However, if this situation is in the past few months, you need to react. We are now going to present to you what is the best way to handle this situation.

What are the tips for dealing with abandoned storage units?

When it comes to this situation, you should do these things that we will present to you:

  • Do not hurry with making a decision. – As we mentioned, the major thing when you are dealing with abandoned storage units is to stay calm. Decide what is the best option you should do with the storage and items that are inside it.
  • Contact your tenant. – Call your renter and try to reach him. Keep in mind that you need to know what is the reason for an abandoned storage unit.
  • Call your lawyer. – In situations like this, the most reliable way is to call a lawyer. You can consult with him and see what is the best solution. Also, do not forget about the documents, contracts, and paperwork you have. Especially, if you have written a legal contract with your renter.
  • See in which condition are the items. – For how long your storage is abandoned you can see by the condition of the items. You should take photos of a storage unit, so you have proof that you did not take anything.

Do not forget that you also need to know what are your rights in this situation. Getting proof that you have tried to reach the owner of the items which are still inside your storage and showing a contract you have signed with him are the major things you need to have.

A mobile phone can be helpful to contact the owner of the belongings. This is one of the ways which is helpful when dealing with abandoned storage units.
Try to contact the tenant and ask him about the storage.

What should you do with the items if a tenant still does not show up?

In the case that you still have items that are not yours, you should take them out and organize an auction. Keep in mind that you need to free your storage unit for another tenant who will pay the rent for it. So, you should find the best movers for relocation who will take the belongings to the place where you are planning to have the auction. Another idea is to organize an auction in front of the storage unit.

A mover putting the item in the box.
Find movers who will relocate the belongings.

You need to know your rights

As you can see, dealing with abandoned storage units is not complicated. You just have to know your rights. If somebody does not show up for months and take care of his belongings, it is not your fault. Just have all the proofs that you have been trying to reach him and that you have a signed legal contract with the tenant.

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