Canadian’s guide to moving to New York during winter

Canadian’s guide to moving to New York during winter

If you want to come to life in NYC from Canada, winter relocation probably would not be your first choice. In these cases, people usually sit and wait till spring or summer. However, we want to show you it doesn’t have to be that bad at all. Take a look at our Canadian’s guide to moving to New York during winter, and get ready on time.

The weather forecast is the key

What’s the weather like today? Well, that will be your favorite question before and on your moving day. Winters in Canada can be pretty rough. And, you may never know what kind of storm can occur and ruin all your plans. So get ready to check the weather all the time. And when making a decision about the moving services you are going to need, make sure they have enough experience in the winter relocations, too.

Canadian’s guide to moving to New York during winter- the packing part

Packing is a very important segment of every relocation. However, in winter relocations it plays even a bigger part. And, low temperatures and slippery roads won’t help it at all. Therefore, what you’ll need is some extra wrapping material and some really sturdy boxes for the fragile items. Of course, it would be best if you can take them in your own car, but if not, ask your movers to pay some extra attention. And if you decide to rent a storage unit in NY to keep your items in a safe place, remember that it should be climate-controlled.

Two people are wrapping things before moving to New York during winter.

Add some extra layers.

The financial side of moving to New York during winter

When you start organizing your relocation, you should also start planning your budget as well. Relocation services cost. There is a lot of things you’ll need to pay for, and that’s why you should define your available finances before you make any serious steps. There would be:

  • packing supplies
  • a professional moving crew
  • transportation
  • many other hidden expenses along the way

But, if you are relocating to NY from Canada in winter, it won’t hurt paying someone to make sure the sidewalks near your new home won’t be covered with snow or ice on your moving day. Just think about that.

Get yourself ready too

It is important to get everything ready for your moving day. Your movers should be in their place, your things should be safely stored in tucks, your new home should be clean waiting for you to settle in. And, if you are having second thoughts about whether or not you’ve forgotten something, visit and do the final check.

A girl in a jacket and gloves is holding some snow in her hands.

Make sure you feel warm.

However, there is one more thing you need to take care of and that’s you yourself. Our Canadian’s guide to moving to New York during winter reminds you that you should dress up some warm clothes, bring your best gloves, and a cap, and always have a thermos of some hot drink by your side. You can never know how long this winter relocation is going to take.

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