Guide to moving your bar to a new location

Guide to moving your bar to a new location

When your business outgrows your current space, you need to move to a different location. That means business is going good and you should be content. However, you might feel a little bit overwhelmed with the moving preparation and your whole team should be involved. Beverage and alcohol logistics are no child’s play. There’s a level of organization that prepares and executes all the steps towards a successful moving experience. If you plan to expand your business, move to a bigger space, or relocate for other reasons, consult this short guide to moving your bar to a new location. Hopefully, it will help you get the handle of all the logistics involved. 

Planning your relocation is imperative

The important thing when moving your bar elsewhere is not to interrupt your daily operations too much. You want to schedule your opening on the weekend because of higher traffic, so you need to execute the relocation during the week. Weekdays are less busy, and you can get a better quote from your preferred movers. This way, you can save some money on your relocation and spend it on your opening night promotion. 

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A good plan is half the job.

However, even if you plan and organize the whole thing well, the circumstances will dictate your tempo. Suppose you can’t move your bar into a new space, but your old lease is expiring. Such a situation requires you to find a suitable beverage warehousing option to keep all your inventory intact until opening day.   

Keep in mind all the benefits of moving to a new location

When you start the search for a new location for your bar, pay attention to some essentials. You now have the chance to start fresh in a better or larger space, in a new neighborhood where you have access to an entirely new clientele. Make sure the new location is accessible to your target customers, and work on ideas to improve its visibility when you open. Check the competition, scout the area and talk to the locals. Choose streets with high traffic but keep in mind your old customers, as well. Don’t forget to inform them that you are relocating your bar. They might still want to come over for a drink, no matter the location. It is essential to check with your vendors and other businesses you work with whether they cover the area you plan to move to. 

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Your loyal customers will follow you to your new location.

Make a moving checklist work in your favor

Creating a moving checklist is an excellent way to keep your planning on point. Chances are you will probably use the services of experienced commercial movers who can handle relocation of the entire business. Even so, you can create a checklist of tasks that you need to complete before, during, and after relocation. That way, you will stay on top of your progress and plan your next move accordingly. Trusting your moving company and working together to ensure safe and secure transport of all your equipment and inventory is critical. With good preparation and cooperation with your moving partner, you can expect a successful transition of your business to a new location.   

Packing your bar is a multi-step process

One of the essential steps towards a successful relocation of your bar is packing all your furniture, equipment, supplies, and inventory. Depending on the size of your bar, you will need some degree of professional assistance in commercial packing. That means you will need to ensure the best packing materials and methods that provide maximum inventory protection. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic bottled drinks are incredibly fragile, and you need professionals who know their way around such products. In addition to proper wrapping and bagging, you need quality moving boxes and other moving supplies to protect all your inventory during transport. 

Because of the nature of your business, you can’t start packing months in advance but need everything handled promptly and quickly within days. You want to resume your daily operations as soon as possible and keep your finances in a healthy balance. That means you should embrace the assistance of moving professionals such as Professional Movers Canada and let them do what they do best. You can use the extra time for planning some new business moves, handling your employees’ schedules, and working on promoting your new bar location. 

Plan an opening party after reading this guide to moving your bar to a new location

With the moving day planned, there is only one thing left to do. You need to organize an opening event for your old and new customers. If you have prepared everything and are eager to start working, plan your opening on the weekend and send invites to your friends, family, and bar regulars. You can distribute flyers around the neighborhood to get the word out. When selecting a theme for your party, keep in mind your target audience and your customers. It would probably be beneficial to research some new trends in the industry, such as the uprising market of low alcohol wine. Doing research beforehand is always a good idea and a smart thing to do.

Hopefully, you have found our guide to moving your bar to a new location helpful. Optimistically, you don’t feel overpowered by the vast list of tasks in front of you. Remember to do a little bit of planning, create a moving checklist and hire professional help. If you stumble upon some unforeseen circumstances along the way, keep in mind that owning a business is full of hurdles. Keep your optimism high and your stress levels low, and you will be enjoying your opening day in no time.

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