Moving From a Small Town to a Big City – how to adjust

Moving From a Small Town to a Big City – how to adjust

In recent years, or maybe even better – in recent decades, people have massively started moving from a small town to a big city. Some are in search of a better job opportunity, some are in search of a better future, and some are just bored with small-town living. Those are all good and legitimate reasons. But, bear in mind that living in a big city requires a lot of changes and adjustments. You must know what you are getting into as rural and urban places have completely different characters and offer different lifestyles. So, without further ado, let us mention some of the differences between small and big city living and how to adjust to them.

You Will Have to Adjust to Living Tiny

If you have lived your entire life in some small town or a village, you are probably used to big houses and vast yards. This is not something you will find in a big city. In a big city, you will be forced to live in a tall building and a rather small apartment. Sooner or later you will have to adjust to living tiny, that is you will have to adjust to having less space. So, before you start packing your bags and hiring movers to relocate you, make sure that you know what you are getting into. This is something to think about even before you move. The best thing you can do is downsize before packing. For example, take a look at all of the stuff in your current home and split them into four different piles:

  • Take With Me Pile – This should be the pile of all the things you plan on relocating to your new home. Pack only what is necessary. Do not get over emotional about not being able to bring all of your things with you. Remember the more stuff you bring, the bigger apartment you will need. And bigger apartments cost more money. Try to avoid common moving mistakes.
  • Throw Away Pile – Make sure that you check your entire home, including the attic, basement, garage, and shed. If there are some things that are not working or are completely useless, just get rid of them.
  • Donate Pile – And, if you have some things that are in a good shape, consider donating them to your local charity. It can be some furniture, appliances, books, or toys. If you do not have charity nearby, you can ask some of your friends or relatives whether they are interested in taking them. You can make somebody really happy.
  • Sell Pile – Selling your items is another great way to downsize. But, in this case, you will also be earning some money. You can organize a yard sale or sell some of your things online.

You Will Have to Adjust to Having Less Personal Space

Moving from a small town to a big city means adjusting to less personal space. You will constantly be surrounded by people. When you go shopping when you want to enjoy coffee at your favorite bar or try to sit on a bench in a park. People will be everywhere. And, it is just something you have to adjust to. If you lived your entire life in a small town where there are no crowds and people living on top of each other, you will feel some kind of shock when you first arrive. But do not worry. There are some things you can do to protect your personal space. For example, you can try wearing headphones. They will cancel the noise and stop people from talking to you. You can also act busy, avoid eye contact or pretend to look at your phone.

A crowded street, a usual part of one's life after moving from a small town to a big city

When moving from a small town means only having peace and quiet in your small apartment.

You Will Have to Adust to a Higher Cost of Living

Well, it goes without saying that living in bigger cities is expensive. And that is the first thing you will notice when moving from a small town to a big city. So, if you are moving because of a certain job, make sure that you have a good salary. Without having a good income, you will not be able to live comfortably. First, you will have to pay for rent. That is, you will have to pay a huge amount of money for a tiny apartment that will not have enough room for all of your stuff. It is a good idea to get a roommate when you are just starting out. You can save a lot of money by just splitting the rent and the bills. Also, as previously mentioned, downsize. You will not want to pay for storage in a big city. Having storage has many benefits, but can also be really expensive. Living in a big city might sound scary, but fear not. If you are patient and organized you will be able to manage.

A crowded street

Living in a big city means a higher cost of living. But it also means having a higher salary.

You Will Have to Adjust to Rush Hour And Driving

Another thing that you will have to adjust to when moving from a small town to a big city is the rush hour. Sometimes it will take you hours to get from home to work and vice versa. Cars are everywhere. And the traffic can be terrible. What you can do to avoid traffic is to use public transportation. In big cities, public transportation is really developed. You can use the subway, bus or train. Whatever suits your needs the most. However, this does not mean that there will be fewer cars and no traffic jams. Being stuck in traffic is a part of living in a big city. So, it is up to you to decide whether you will drive your own car or use public transport. Also, remember to brush up on your driving knowledge, as rules can differ from state to state.

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