Tips for shipping goods from Canada to California

Tips for shipping goods from Canada to California

Shipping goods from Canada to California doesn’t have to be troublesome at all, we can help you out. Also, we will be able to show you professionals who can do this for you. That way the job gets done properly and stress-free. Now, let’s start.

Shipping goods from Canada to California – just a few things

Moving from California to Canada is very popular this year. So is the other way around. That’s why you need to know everything about shipping. If you have only a few small items the most cost-effective way to ship goods will be to use Canada Post Small Packet Air. We are talking about under 1 kilogram in dimensional weight. It can reach just about any metro area in 4 or 5 business days. Chances are you will need more than that but you should know this also just in case. It’s good to know all the possibilities you have and then you can decide which one will work the best for you in the moment of need.

Canadian flag

Researching ways of shipping goods from Canada to California is now easy – thanks to Google.

Shipping goods from Canada to California – a lot of items

Most of the people shipping goods from Canada to the USA are usually doing this because of relocation. If you decide to stay here, movers will help you with your long-distance relocation. But moving you from one state to another is not the only thing movers can do.

What can they do?

Reliable movers like Los Angeles Transfer and Storage can help you with all your household items, shipping goods, logistics, and storage in case you need it. They have many additional services and to see them check their website.

girls packing and shipping goods from Canada to California

Calling movers will be very useful. They know the way around whether you need packing or shipping.


Surely you are wondering about additional charges. This is something you need to research thoroughly or if you are hiring movers ask them and they will explain all the details. But just so you can get a better picture – shipments valued at $800 or less are usually duty-free.

Tips for packing before shipping

Since we are talking about shipping goods from Canada to California, we should also cover this step because it’s important. We showed you two good ways for shipping but before those items are shipped they need to be packed properly because they have a long journey ahead and you surely want everything to stay safe and in one piece. That’s why you should get some bubble wrap. That will keep all your fragile items safe. Packing paper is also good. Instead of moving boxes, you can get (or rent) plastic containers. They are very sturdy and will keep your belongings safe. Good luck with your new adventure and surely you will love California (in case you are relocating there).

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