7 reasons why Americans move to Canada

Canada and the United States are the two closest neighbors to each other. These are two very similar yet completely different countries. Sounds strange but it is true. If you have been living in the States and you are thinking about moving somewhere, Canada is the perfect option. It is close, you know the language, and relocation is fast. But these aren’t the main reasons why Americans move to Canada. There are plenty of them. As a Canadian moving company, we can tell you the seven reasons why Americans move to Canada.

Fast and easy relocation

Surely one of the main seven reasons why Americans move to Canada is the fact that relocation is fast and easy. There is nobody of water you need to cross in order to get from one country to another which also means that you can save money when moving from the US to Canada easily.

Relocation as a process is not easy at all if you don’t have the right assistance by your side. There are many parts of the process that are not so easy to get done. One of them is packing. Luckily, you can simplify the whole process by creating your own packing system, decluttering, or even hiring professional movers to do the packing for you.

Truck driving to Canada.
Moving to Canada can be made easy with the right assistance.

Beautiful towns and cities

The second reason surely is the fact that Canada is a beautiful country. There are plenty of places for you to consider moving to. No matter your age, you’ll find a place suitable for your wants and needs. And whichever place you choose to move to, statetostatemove.com can assist with the relocation.


The third reason why Americans move to Canada is the fact that it is much safer place to live in. There isn’t as much crime there as there is in the United States and who wouldn’t want to live in a country with low crime rates?

Amazing housing

Surely that the fact that the housing in Canada is amazing attracts people from the United States to move here. Canada has beautiful real estate. It is quite expensive but it is worth the money. You can choose from apartments, houses, cabins, villas, etc. Depends on where you are moving to.

Houses by the lake.
Moving to Canada means moving to a beautiful home.

Friendly people

The stereotype that Canadians are very nice and welcoming is certainly in existence for a reason. Canadians really are nice and welcoming. Everyone who visits Canada at least once says that the people are very nice and always want to help. This means living in Canada with children certainly is a good idea.


The pricing is different across the entire country but we can tell you that Canada, in general, is not considered to be an expensive country to live in.

It is a beautiful country

Not that America is not beautiful, it is, but a lot of people would agree that Canada has managed to maintain much more of its natural beauty than the United States. If you enjoy spending time in nature, Canada certainly is a place for you. There are plenty of mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, and plenty of other places you can go to and do fun outdoor activities with friends and family. There are plenty of senior-friendly places in Canada too which is why lots of seniors from NYC are moving here.

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