How to prepare for a move to the Middle East

How to prepare for a move to the Middle East

It’s important to prepare for a move to the Middle East well and to start prepping on time. Mainly because this is not just any relocation. You are moving to a whole new continent and everything you know will be different. The weather, people, culture, even the architecture (the Middle East has a very specific style when it comes to architecture and they are very famous for it). Now let’s see the most important things you need to know.

Know the main differences in culture

The most popular relocation we notice is from Canada or the USA to Kuwait so let’s focus on that. But the culture and the laws are pretty much the same in every middle eastern country and you need to get to know them before you start packing. Learn all the differences because if you don’t you can break the law without even knowing you are doing it or you can accidentally offend someone without wanting to do so. That’s why research is crucial. If you do some research, you will see that you shouldn’t move during the winter.

What’s against the law?

Something you might not get right now but alcohol is forbidden. So is the pork, any religious books like the Bible and the list goes on. Don’t worry, they are pretty understanding and know that ex-pats are not used to their rules but you should still research this. That way it will be easier to fit in and you will be more relaxed.

A woman drinking alcohol

Some things will be different.

Prepare for a move to the Middle East in less than a month

  • download moving and packing apps
  • declutter your home and get rid of everything you no longer need
  • prioritize and if there is something you want to leave behind consider storage
  • call friends to help you with moving preparations
  • hire professional movers for whatever help you may need when it comes to logistics, planning, and transportation
  • make checklists so you don’t forget anything
  • start packing or hire professionals to help you with packing

Hiring professional movers

This is always the smartest option when it comes to international relocation. Finding reliable movers like Easy Move KW will make this much easier. Especially when the time comes to deal with customs so this is the best tip we have for you.

A professional mover carrying various items during a move after you prepare for a move to the Middle East.

Movers can do the hard part for you.

Preparing kids for the Middle East

If you have kids, it’s very important to prepare them as well. Find some amazing tips. After you do thorough research on the place where you are moving to, Kuwait, for example, you should talk to your kids. Introduce them to their new home before you get them. Tell them everything you learned and show them all the cool things they will be visiting soon. That way it will be easier for them to adapt.

Start learning the language

They speak English but if you plan to relocate permanently, you should start learning the language now. It won’t be easy and it will take some time but soon enough you will be able to understand them and to talk to them. That will make adaptation much easier.

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