How to plan a big family move from Hong Kong to Canada

How to plan a big family move from Hong Kong to Canada

When it comes to residential moves, overseas moves are the most difficult. Not only do you have to handle moving tasks, but at the same time, you have to adjust to a new culture. Lucky for you, we at Relocation Services Canada are here to help you plan a big family move from Hong Kong to Canada. Let us guide you through the process!

Why should your family move from Hong Kong to Canada?

Before we talk about planning your relocation to Canada from Hong Kong, let’s see what Canada can offer you and your family. 

  • First, when you complete your family move from Hong Kong to Canada, you will not have a hard time adjusting. Canada is one of the most immigrant-friendly places in the world. If you pick cities like Quebec or Ontario, you can find large immigrant communities. So do not waste your time and come to Canada with your family and make sure to make moving more comfortable for your kids
  • Second, same as in Hong Kong, you have universal healh care in Canada. 
  • Third, Canada has plenty of cities where you can start your carrier. One of the top places to start a career in Canada are Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Quebec. 
  • Fourth, the Canadian workspace is more team-oriented, which means everybody works together to solve problems.
  • Finally, Canadians are well known to be one of the friendliest people. That means you will get accepted into the community fast. 
Women wearing glasses smiling
Canadians are friendly and will accept you and your family fast when you arrive from Hong Kong!

If you want to reach Canada fast from Hong Kong, rely on local international movers like They have a lot of experience with overseas relocation and will get you to Canada stress-free. Now, let’s talk about how to plan your move from Hong Kong to Canada. 

Write everything down before you begin the process of moving to Canada 

The first step into organizing a relocation for your family to Canada is to write everything down before you begin. You can use a piece of paper or your phone to construct a checklist. Here is what your moving to Canada from Hong Kong checklist should look like. 

  • The first thing is financing your overseas relocation to Canada from Hong Kong. 
  • The second thing is finding reliable movers to help with an overseas relocation to Canada. 
  • The third thing is shipping your valued items from Hong Kong to Canada. 
  • Fourth, getting moving supplies that will survive an international relocation to Canada. 
  • The fifth thing is dealing with packing a family home in Hong Kong. 
  • Lastly, working with movers, so you arrive at the same time in Canada. 
Person making check on checklist
You need a detailed checklist o successfully plan a big family move from Hong Kong to Canada.

Now, let’s see how to deal with every part of your overseas move to Canada checklist. 

Budgeting your family move from Hong Kong to Canada

To complete an overseas relocation, you have to be able to finance it. If you are moving locally or long-distance, you can probably handle it alone. But an overseas relocation to Canada from Hong Kong is a different story. The best way to know how much your international move to Canada will cost is to contact movers and ask them to give you an onsite estimate of your household items in Hong Kong. An onsite estimate is the most accurate way to determine how much you will spend on moving to Canada. To get a precise estimate, you need reliable movers.

Finding reliable movers in Hong Kong to get you to Canada

The first step to getting good movers is to read reviews online. Search for local movers in Hong Kong who deal with international relocation. If your friends can refer someone to you, that would be even better. Pick out at least three companies specializing in overseas relocation in Hong Kong and interview them before hiring. In the interview, explain your family’s situation and how many items you have in your Honk Kong home. Movers will then usually give you their price. Choose the ones that are the most reasonable for your budget and make sure to ask for moving insurance. 

Talk about shipping 

To continue to lead a normal life, when you arrive in Canada from Hong Kong with your family, you will need to ship some items. The most significant item for a family is their family car. Experienced professionals can simplify the task of car shipping. They will get your family vehicle no matter where you are in Canada. 

Family in a car with their child
You need your family car to function as a family when you arrive in Canada, better get it shipped from Hong Kong.

Moving supplies for your family move from Hong Kong to Canada

If you want to plan a big family move from Hong Kong to Canada the right way, you’ll need durable moving supplies. The best option is to ask your moving company to provide you with their moving supplies. They will not waste any boxes or wrapping materials and get you the exact amount you need for your overseas relocation to Canada. But if you want to do it alone, you can order them online. However, we recommend measuring everything out before purchasing any moving materials. 

Packing you Hong Kong house 

With international relocation, you do not only have to worry about how to pack but also what to pack. Since an overseas move to Canada can get costly, your best option is to throw some of your items away or put others in storage. 

If you are putting belongings in storage, a long-term secure space is imperative to keep your item until you come back from Canada. Make sure to consult them before picking a storage unit. When you have less stuff to move to Canada – you or your movers can handle the packing faster. 

To plan a big family move from Hong Kong to Canada organize your time with movers 

Finally, an international move must be precise because transportation can take a while. To have you and your items arrive at the same time in Canada, make sure to plan a big family move from Hong Kong to Canada in coordination with overseas movers.

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