Top-rated neighborhoods in Brooklyn for Canadian homebuyers

Top-rated neighborhoods in Brooklyn for Canadian homebuyers

Moving from Canada to the USA for good is a big decision to make, especially if you are thinking about investing money and buying a property. If you are moving to New York City and you want to live in Brooklyn, research this borough well and know all the facts about Brooklyn before you move there. Where are the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for Canadian homebuyers and how to make this process easier to handle?

Start with research

There are a lot of things to consider before moving to NYC and you should visit this place. New York is one of the most popular cities, not only in the USA but also in the world. It is known as a business and economic center, with amazing nightlife, entertainment options, good food, diversity, and fast life. You cannot be bored in New York City. It is near Canada’s border and if you are from Toronto or Mississauga, you will need around 8.5 driving to Brooklyn.

More and more Canadians are buying property all across the USA. How to purchase a home in New York City as a Canadian? What to know before taking any further steps? How to choose the right location and also, how to move from Canada to the USA with ease?

NYC panorama

Be prepared in advance and know where to start your search for neighborhoods in Brooklyn for Canadian homebuyers.

Moving from Canada to Brooklyn

You should make a plan on how to transport all your items to Brooklyn from Canada? Moving long-distance is not simple and most people are hiring moving professionals in this case. Explore moving companies online and verify the company’s information. A company you will hire must be licensed and insured. Don’t hire a mover without licenses because it is not safe and they may be fraudsters. To be more prepared for a long-distance relocation and to get more information amoving moving services, explore and similar websites of reliable and reputable movers.

Packing will take a lot of time as well, so start on time and consider hiring professional packers if you have a need. Packing, loading (unloading) items into a moving vehicle, unpacking, carrying, and lifting heavy furniture, is not a job for only one person. If you don’t want to hire packers, ask friends and family to help you pack.

Buying a property in the USA as a Canadian

What to know when buying a house in the USA as a foreigner? Is Brooklyn for Canadian homebuyers a good option and how to prepare for this process. Buying is the last step. There are so many things to do before starting a buying process and before starting to look for a home. Rules and regulations in the USA are different from laws in Canada, of course.

a single family home

It is not the same to buy a property as a US citizen and as a foreigner.

Getting a mortgage

Finances are one of the biggest concerns when investing a lot of money, of course. Today, the number of Canadians that are getting a mortgage in the USA is big. Before taking a loan from the bank, you should know the differences.

  • Getting all the paperwork done will take longer in the US
  • Fees in the US are higher and a downpayment must be at least 20%
  • Interest calculations are different

To get a loan, prepare documents such as:

  • Passport
  • International credit report
  • 2 or more years of employment history
  • 2 or more years history of residency in the USA
  • Tax submissions for up to 2 years

The best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for Canadian homebuyers

First of all, why should you pick Brooklyn for investing in real estate? What are the pros of buying a home in this part of New York City? There are so many different NYC neighborhoods for Canadian families and Brooklyn has a lot of them to offer.

  • You don’t have to pay the rent. Instead, pay your mortgage and you won’t be tied with a landlord.
  • Brooklyn rents are going up every year. It is not cheap to rent, especially if you are close to Manhattan.
  • Property prices are increasing as well. If you are planning to sell your home, you can sell it for more money.
  • Brooklyn is developing fast and it is a brand of its own.
  • It has plenty of unique neighborhoods to offer.

If considering Brooklyn for Canadian homebuyers – think about these neighborhoods.

Brooklyn Heights

This neighborhood is near Manhattan and here, you cannot be bored. This is why Brooklyn Heights properties are not cheap, but on the other hand, it has a lot to offer. Also, if you are going to rent your apartment, you can do it easily. To move in fast and simple, find experts in the area and organize your upcoming relocation to Brooklyn Heights – one of the most popular places in Brooklyn.

Bedford Stuyvesant

This neighborhood is growing rapidly. The streets are quiet and leafy. It is known for its African American community and rich culture (for example, The Notorious BIG and Jay Z are from this area). Some homes were built back in the 1900s. which is very attractive to Canadian homebuyers.


Bushwick is known as the hipster enclave of Brooklyn. If you want to pick the right NYC suburb perfect for younger adults, consider Bushwick. It is fun and vibrant. The bar and food scene are top-notch and very popular. Buildings are historical, but you can find modern condos as well.

Houses in one of the neighborhoods in Brooklyn for Canadian homebuyers

Home is where your heart is.

Bay Ridge/Fort Hamilton

If you want more space in Brooklyn, consider Bay Ridge or Fort Hamilton neighborhoods. The streets are wide and these areas are green and family-friendly. The real estate prices here are affordable and many families with kids live here.


The most affordable Brooklyn neighborhood on this list is Flatbush. Considering Brooklyn for Canadian homebuyers opens different opportunities. NYC is known as an expensive place, but Flatbush is one of neighborhoods in Brooklyn for Canadian homebuyers that has an average home price of around $300k. It makes it quite the place to settle in and enjoy everything NYC has to offer.

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