Most family-friendly neighborhoods in Vancouver

Most family-friendly neighborhoods in Vancouver

Vancouver, BC, is often considered one of Canada’s most attractive cities. Because of the gorgeous scenery, the unlimited number of things to do, and the robust economy, many people pick Vancouver as their home. The Greater Vancouver Area encompasses around 115 square kilometers of land, as well as a number of bordering communities. There are many wonderful neighborhoods in the city that are suitable for raising families and children. But, our experts from Relocation Services Canada think that the following are the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Vancouver!

Family-friendly neighborhoods in Vancouver

As we said before, the whole of Vancouver is amazing, but the top family-friendly neighborhoods in Vancouver are:

  • Mount Pleasant
  • The West End
  • West Point Grey

Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant is a great place for first-time buyers, young professionals, and families to live. This neighborhood is the place to seek in Vancouver for real estate that offers a white-picket-fence lifestyle with a yard for the kids. Mount Pleasant lives up to its moniker as one of the city’s most pleasant neighborhoods. Aside from the lovely homes, there are plenty of neighboring amenities that make life in Mount Pleasant a breeze. There are community centers, parks, restaurants, and local businesses, among other things. Students and up-and-coming artists flock to the neighborhood, but more families are moving in.

Vancouver skyline
Mount Pleasant is a great place both for young professionals and families!

If you decide to move to Mount Pleasant, you should consider hiring movers. We recommend this because if you don’t, your experience might not be so pleasant. It’s a relief to know that specialists can jump in and help you out. By having professional help, the whole process will be much quicker and easier!

The West End

Although the West End is in the heart of Vancouver’s city center, it doesn’t feel like it. In the West End, you will find peaceful pedestrian-only tree-lined avenues, large condo towers, and lovely Victorian-style residences. The real estate market in this part of town is quite appealing to families. With the Vancouver Aquatic Centre, and Stanley Park all nearby, there’s never a shortage of family-friendly activities. Moreover, this lovely neighborhood welcomes everyone from families to young professionals, and it provides amenities and lifestyles to suit a wide range of residents. It is no surprise that there are many reasons why Canada is among the top countries for ex-pats! The neighborhood is small for parents who work downtown, but there is plenty of public transportation.

West Point Grey

West Point Grey, one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, is a picture-perfect family neighborhood. There’s enough landscape to admire from this location on the west side of the peninsula. The hamlet is nestled between a plethora of natural attractions and the University of British Columbia. For example, without spending any money, Spanish Banks Beach and Pacific Spirit Park are fantastic places to spend the day with kids. There is a strong sense of community at West Point Grey. Annual activities, such as the Point Grey Fiesta at Trimble Park, provide opportunities for neighbors to get to know one another. The carnival, which runs for the entire weekend, is jam-packed with exciting attractions and rides.

Vancouver downtown panorama
West Point Grey is one of the most picture-perfect family-friendly neighborhoods in Vancouver!

In conclusion

Whatever you choose among the family-friendly neighborhoods in Vancouver, you won’t make a mistake, but these neighborhoods are our favorites! In them, you will find the best balance of things to do for kids and adults. But, it all comes up to personal taste, so choose whatever fits you best!

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