4 cities in California perfect for Canadian couples 

4 cities in California perfect for Canadian couples 

Many couples decide to leave Canada and go to California. And who can blame them! The weather is better, and if they ever miss Canada, it is a short plane ride away. But the problem is where to settle down as a couple in California. With so many choices, it can get pretty challenging to choose one. Relocation Services Canada has 4 cities in California perfect for Canadian couples. 

Cities in California perfect for Canadian couples – Morgan Hill 

Let’s open our recommendations with a bang. One of the cities in California is perfect for Canadian couples in Santa Clara County, with around 45,000 residents. The city is great for couple young couples from Canada because of two reasons: 

  • First, it is close to Silicon Valley, which means if you are in tech, you will have plenty of chances to find a job; 
  • Second, compared to other places in Silicon Valley- it is way more affordable. But you will still have to pay a lot to live in Morgan Hill. The cost of living in Morgan Hill is 50% higher than the average in California. 
person on laptop, read about cities in California perfect for Canadian couples
If you want to work in tech Morgan Hill is perfect for you.

So if you like to be around other young couples interested in tech, you should move to Morgan Hill. Let specialists from the area can help with moving into your new place in Morgan Hill. 

You can not miss Los Angeles 

The second city you should check out is Los Angeles. As a couple from Canada, you have to consider LA. Los Angeles is everything California represents, put in a much smaller space. Great food and entertainment options with plenty of job opportunities. If moving from Canada to California is a hard decision for you, LA will make it easier. 

Hollywood sign in the distance
LA is one of the cities in California perfect for Canadian couples because of its diversity.

Cities in California perfect for Canadian couples – San Francisco 

As a couple from Canada you should look into San Francisco for multiple reasons: 

  • The city is one of the most progressive places in the whole county; 
  • Residents of the city have the highest salary in the country; 
  • Finally, you will find a job easily because the job market is strong. 

So if you like what San Francisco has to offer, find a company to get you there. If you want to save some time, check out Mod Movers California, as they provide excellent moving services. 

Consider San Diego 

The last recommendation is San Diego. As a Canadian couple, you should move to San Diego because of the beaches and festivals. Choose from many beaches like Ocean Beach, or if you have a dog, go to the Dog Beach. 

When it comes to festivals, there are many: Old Town Dia de Los Muertos, San Diego Restaurant Week, and San Diego International Film Festival

San Diego marina
Beaches and festivals are only a small part of San Diego.


These are our pick of 4 cities in California perfect for Canadian couples. But California is big, and there are many more options. Where ever you decide to move, contact us with any moving questions.

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