Canadian’s handbook on moving to NYC: 5 things to prepare for

Canadian’s handbook on moving to NYC: 5 things to prepare for

Many Canadian, although in love with their country, consider moving to the US. This can be quite a challenge as it brings a big change in the life of Canadians. You have to exchange a mostly slow passed lifestyle for the fast pace of the US. If you are interested in making a change like this that moving to NYC is for you. This fast-paced city will demand an inevitable adjustment and getting used to. If you are considering a move like this then a short Canadian’s handbook on moving to NYC might be just right for you. Like any other city, it is not for everyone so make sure you know something about it and that it is for you and that you can be satisfied here. Let’s see what you will have to prepare for.

Moving to the US and NYC

A look over the hedge and into the US can be tempting. The US draws in a lot of people from Canada. A change of lifestyle and many opportunities it offers are great and a reason enough to move. However, moving like this is not to be taken lightly. It takes time and preparation to move to the US and sometimes it can take years. First, you have to work out the paperwork and get a visa. After that, it is simpler but you also have to consider the moving process. You have to take time and plan, schedule, and execute the move.

Hand holding a maple leaf
Although you have Canada in your heart, NYC can be a big magnet and cause for change

This international move is complex and demands a lot of planning and prep to do right. Luckily you are not alone in this. Professional movers are always there to take part of the burden and help you handle this process. If you get Clean Cut Moving to help out you can have a clean and stress-free moving process that can be a breeze.

What to Know about NYC

The best advice we can give you in this Canadian’s handbook on moving to NYC is to pay a visit to NYC. Make sure you get a feel for this city. We all know NYC through the media, movies, and the internet but first-hand experience is invaluable. Before you decide on a move here make sure that the city will suit your needs and expectations.

Here are at least 5 things to keep in mind when moving to New York:

  • Find the right neighborhood
  • Prepare for the fast pace
  • It is pricy
  • Find a place to live
  • Learn how to get around

Find the right neighborhood

Finding the right neighborhood can be tough. Many people set their sites in Manhattan but the reality is that it is too expensive. So, you will probably have to search for the right neighborhood elsewhere. From the five boroughs, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. Be sure to take a closer look at each of these boroughs. Each has its specific feel and vibe. Each has many neighborhoods so try to do some research and find the right one.

Find a place to live

NYC is quite expensive so buying property is out of the question for most. So, you will have to find the right rental property to make your own. Keep in mind that peak season is in the summer so finding an apartment can be hard. You will have to be well prepared for the search and fast. Apartments here are not on the market for long so make sure you are quick to snatch one up. Try to prepare for this as best as you can.

A bike on a NYC street
Make sure to find the neighborhood that is right for you

Prepare for the fast pace

Forget about the slow pace you might enjoy in Canada. In the city that never sleeps everything is in constant motion. The pace might be relentless so it’s something to know in advance and prepare for. The people seem to always be late and are impatient and direct if you are in their way. However, if you get into a New York rush hour you can easily get out of it. There are small oases where you can sit, rest and relax and have a breather with friends. However, you will have to learn to go with the flow of this big city.

It is pricy

Our Canadian’s handbook on moving to NYC will not be complete if we don’t stress this point: NYC is pricy and competitive! Get used to it. New York is one o the priciest cities in the US. The cost of living is at least 20% above the national average. The grocery stores are very expensive. At the same time apartments are at a premium and they are not that spacious. NY also has some of the highest taxes so living here is expensive. This is why many ex-pats choose outside boroughs and neighborhoods to settle down in. These are the most affordable ones so keep this in mind.

Learn how to get around

Get to know the city and learn about its inner workings. Know that the parking prices are at a premium if you can even find parking spaces. This is why real New Yorkers use public transportation options. And it’s true that the big apple transportation system is efficient and easy. The subway runs 24/7 and its infrastructure is well developed. You won’t need to walk for more than a mile to your desired stop. At the same time, the ferry system and public busses complement the infrastructure and needs of commuters. Although it takes time to get to know the system it is easy to get around New York.

However, when moving here consider the traffic problems. Although local movers the professionals can always jump in to handle any of your moving needs they also have to handle the parking issues. Navigating traffic and finding a good parking spot when moving in and handling furniture can be tricky. Luckily local movers have experience and can guide you through these issues.

Canadian's handbook on moving to NYC speaks about NYC rush hour
This city doesn’t sleep so make sure you can get used to the constant rush

Canadians guide – in short

So, any Canadian should have the good sense to prepare in advance for a move to NY. When searching for a new home rest assured that there are plenty of options in New York. Canadian’s handbook on moving to NYC and any other guide can prove an invaluable resource for this moving endeavor. So make sure to source some advice and tips to handle this process with ease.

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