Vibrant Ottawa suburbs for young families

Vibrant Ottawa suburbs for young families

Choosing a place to relocate and raise your family can be complex. There is a lot to consider and think through when deciding on the right one. Some of the things you must research include the schools, safety, facilities, traffic, etc. Finding the right, family-friendly, and interesting neighborhood is certainly a process. As Ottawa is getting increasingly popular, one of the questions everyone asks is what are the most vibrant Ottawa suburbs for young families. As they can be quite different a short guide like this can be helpful. It will prepare you for doing proper research and help you choose the right one.

How to choose the neighborhood

This is certainly not an easy task. Ottawa has much to offer to young families and you need to gather some info. Making an educated and informed decision is the key to making the right one for your family. So, according to Professional Movers Ottawa, start your research on time. This guide will provide the starting point in your quest to find the most vibrant Ottawa suburbs for young families. After that, you should gather even more data and also pay a visit and take a stroll through the neighborhood. It will help you get the feel of the place and see if you can imagine yourself living there.

Family there are Ottawa suburbs for young families
Ottawa has some of the best family-friendly suburbs in Canada

Which neighborhoods to consider

As there are many options in Ottawa for young families we will start by analyzing some of the most crucial factors for family living. The key elements here are safety, family-friendly amenities, and facilities, schools, safety, traffic, etc. Besides that, we will take into account the livability and amenities that are needed by the parents also making them vibrant and attractive.

  • The Glebe
  • Orleans
  • Stittsville
  • Barrhaven
  • Alta Vista
  • Kanata
  • Westboro

The Glebe

Although a bit expensive this neighborhood is popular with young families. It is modern and urban as it is located close to the city center. However, it has everything to offer. It is very well connected, very walkable, and has a lot of sporting amenities. There are plenty of boutiques, restaurants, and shops for all family members to enjoy. In addition, it is closer to Rideau Canal which makes it perfect for family activities. This neighborhood provides a strong sense of togetherness and community.


For a more suburban feel, Orleans is a perfect choice. This neighborhood is located away from the city center and offers a great many outdoor amenities. Parks, bike trails, picnic areas, and sports courts are great for all sorts of family activities. This makes it perfect for families with children to spend some quality time. At the same time, it is a place with a strong French influence so it is great for raising children in a bilingual atmosphere. There are also plenty of different housing options available and at affordable prices.


One of the most family-friendly neighborhoods is Stittsville. It provides an almost village-like atmosphere and is very friendly. Local schools here are great. The neighborhood has many parks a library, theatres, and a museum.

a vibrant Ottawa suburbs for young families
There is a lot to see, taste, and experience in Ottawa

All of these aspects make Stittsville perfect for families. This is the main reason why so many of them are flocking here. If you recognize Stittsville as one of the most vibrant Ottawa suburbs for young families then let skilled neighbors assist you in your move here. They will make moving in and settling down a breeze and pleasant experience.


Barrhaven is extremely popular with young families. It is quiet, safe, and friendly but with plenty of amenities for families. This is because it is full of parks and playgrounds for the younger children and amenities for hiking and biking. This neighborhood is suburban and a such rich with outdoor activities and amenities. However, there are plenty of other entertainment options making it interesting for all members of the family.

Alta Vista

Alta Vista offers a great tight-knit community perfect for young families. Here you can find some older homes that may be a bit small. However, they also offer big backyards that are suitable for children. As this neighborhood is designed for families it has all of the amenities you might need from school, parks, and community centers. A short drive downtown completes the neighborhood with the possibility of having a vibrant and dynamic nightlife. The main advantage of this neighborhood is the sense of community. People here tend to make relations and good neighborly connections. Spending time together benefits the children that can establish relationships and make friends easily.


This neighborhood is close to the city center. It is a diverse place with something to offer to the whole family. First of all, it provides a lot of career opportunities, especially in high-tech companies. In addition, it offers a vibrant lifestyle full of activities. The area is perfect for growing families providing great schools, parks, and trails that are great for every member of the family. Community centers and Kanata recreation Complexes only provide additional activities and opportunities.

A suburb photo
Some areas offer an almost rural feel, peace, and quiet


Westboro is a quiet and very urban village that is in high demand. Prices and real estate here are high. The reason for this is that it is a very family-oriented area. Its location is such that it offers residents everything they might need within walking distance, So, great schools, libraries and shops, dining spots, and recreational facilities are within easy reach. Their abundance and availability make this place perfect for families and young professionals.

Ottawa, a place for young families

Well, it is clear that Ottawa is a great place to settle in after moving to Canada. it has a lot to offer. Particularly it presents you with the opportunity to raise your family here in the best possible way. If you set your sights on this great city you will have the option of choosing among many vibrant Ottawa suburbs for young families. With all we have listed here you can be sure that you will find just what your family needs.

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