What to wear on a moving day

What to wear on a moving day

When you are moving from one home to another, no matter whether it be a local or a long distance relocation, you have to think about many things. And certainly that one of the things you have to think about is just what you are going to wear on a moving day. You have to consider plenty of things when choosing your moving day outfit as well. This is why we have decided to help you out a bit by writing this article on just what to wear on a moving day. We have plenty of experience with relocation as a moving company which is why we believe we are the best people to talk about this.


Let us start with telling you just what you should wear on your feet. Protecting your feet while moving is very important. Even when you are packing up your home for relocation. A lot of people have ended up injured during their relocation because they were wearing improper shoes.

When you are packing and moving, you will be walking a lot and your feet are the most exposed to being injured while carrying things. If you drop something, no matter whether big or small, the chances of this item falling on your feet are high. This is why you should be wearing closed shoes, preferably boots or some good sneakers. These will certainly provide protection.

Protecting yourself is very important and you need to have it in mind when getting dressed on moving day.

If you want to make packing and relocation safer, what we recommend doing is hiring professional moving assistance. Affordable Canadian Movers can make moving a breeze but also make moving safer for you.


You also have to think about clothing. If you are moving during the summer, you should definitely consider wearing something that covers your whole body. Even though it is warm outside, protecting yourself is very important. But if you are hiring professional moving assistance, you should definitely push towards being comfortable. Wearing sweatpants or leggings is the best way to ensure that you can easily move.

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Wear something you feel comfortable in.

Avoid wearing oversized T-shits as they can cause you to get hurt. Wearing clothing that is not too tight but not too loose is the perfect solution. This way you will be comfortable and you will be able to do everything you need to do. One of the most common moving mistakes people make wearing short clothing as a lot of them end up getting scratches from carrying things around.

Wear something you won’t regret damaging

During relocation, you could damage some of your clothes. You could rip it while carrying something or get it dirty. This is why we suggest either purchasing clothing you won’t feel bad about ruining or wearing something you already have but do not wear often. This will make moving less worrisome. Packing some essentials such as additional clothes you can change into in a box or a bag that you will have on you while relocating is a good idea.

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