Leaving Mississippi for Canada – what not to bring

Leaving Mississippi for Canada – what not to bring

If you found yourself preparing for an international move, you are probably under a lot of stress. Packing is probably the most stressful part of the move, and having to think about what to bring, people usually forget to sort the things that they shouldn’t bring. So, we asked our experts from Relocation Services Canada to help us out with this issue. Now, let’s see what not to bring when leaving Mississippi for Canada!

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What not to bring

Some of these items are obvious. Still, we will go over everything that you should leave behind while packing! Those things are:

  • Cleaners and flammable chemicals
  • Perishable food
  • Weapons & ammunition
  • Garage junk
  • Old furniture

Cleaners and flammable chemicals

There is no need to go into too much explaining why you shouldn’t bring this type of item with you to your move. For example, if you have a box filled with lighter fluids and flammable chemicals of any sort, and you end up in a car crash, those chemicals will ensure that everything that wasn’t destroyed gets destroyed. Most moving companies like spydermoving.com will warn you when packing to exclude these types of items before you move. 

Leave behind any flammable chemicals that you planned on bringing with you!

Perishable food

Yes, food can be expensive, but sometimes it is better to donate it than to let it go to waste. Also, there is a chance that some of those items are illegal to bring with you when leaving Mississippi for Canada. Canada has different laws than the US and this might pose an unnecessary problem during your move. But, don’t forget to plan what you will eat and what you will wear on your moving day before throwing anything out!

Old furniture

Furniture is sometimes large and heavy to carry. Moving to a new house may be the ideal time to let go of some old possessions. But, if you insist on moving your furniture with you, you should let experts handle it and do all of the heavy liftings for you. Movers have more experience in packing and will ensure the safety of all of your items during your move. 

Vintage furniture that should be left behind when leaving Mississipi for Canada
Maybe you want you can bring your old furniture with you when leaving Mississippi for Canada, but we recommend you leave it behind.

Garage junk

Like your kitchen cupboard, there are undoubtedly many items in your garage that you’ll never use. If these products comprise insecticide, fertilizer, or other potentially hazardous substances, dispose of them properly. Also, don’t forget to throw out any items you planned on fixing but never did! Those will just add weight to carry during your move when leaving Mississippi for Canada. Even if you find the best movers for this international move, they won’t hold back on charging you for extra weight!

In conclusion

Even though it can be tough to throw away some things, it is for the better. When leaving Mississippi for Canada, you will get a fresh start, and that is why you should leave all of the useless things you own behind. You didn’t use them here, you certainly won’t use them in Canada. So, collect everything and throw it away or donate it if it is still usable!

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