Top Columbus suburbs for Canadian millennials

Top Columbus suburbs for Canadian millennials

Finding the ideal community for your lifestyle is now the task.  Numerous neighborhoods may be found in Columbus, from peaceful suburban streets to urbanite districts. Where people work hard and play hard. If you require assistance determining which top Columbus suburbs for Canadian millennials are for you, too. Then you are at the right place. Be ready for the moving day by knowing what to wear. It will give you the comfort that you will need at that time.

Columbus suburbs for Canadian millennials that you can live in

The state capital of Ohio is Columbus. Which is also its most populated city and a magnet for business in the manufacturing, agricultural, and aerospace technology sectors. The city is famous for its stunning surroundings, low cost of living, and vibrant residents. Therefore, it is understandable why so many millennials are attracted to this area in central Ohio. Young professionals who are considering relocating to Columbus are already making a great decision.

When you are from Canada and looking for the best suburbs in Columbus be ready to do some research. You will need to figure out what will fit you best. A lot of millennials from Canada are going to the following areas of Columbus

  • Short North
  • Hilliard
  • German Village
  • Clintonville
  • Downtown

There are many more areas in Columbus. So, don’t get discouraged. You will find a perfect place in Virginia. Just be sure to have some patience, therefore, not rush into things. When you find a place and are sure about it. You can visit professionals at to help you move. They will be with you in this process and make it easier for you. With years of experience in this field. You will have no reasons to worry. They will get your belongings from one place to another in no time at all.

A person making a list of the Columbus suburbs for Canadian millennials

Make a list of the top areas and Columbus suburbs for Canadian millennials that you want to relocate to. 

Short North is an area full of life

On just about any map of Columbus neighborhoods. Short North is among the most well-known areas of the city. Young professionals in Columbus who want to be close to Downtown and live just minutes away from many of the city’s top restaurants, shops, and art galleries frequently choose Short North. Because of its walkability and artistic vibe. The great demand for homes in this area sometimes causes rentals to be higher than in other areas of Columbus.

But this thriving, communicative area is absolutely worth the cost. The Short North Arts District is located in Short North. Everything from independently owned stores to some of the top dining establishments in Columbus can be found here. There are numerous bars, clubs, and eateries in the area, which offers a vibrant nightlife. But before you get moving check reviews online. After that, you can hire a company to help you relocate.

Hilliard is a great option for anybody

It would be a good idea for you to explore relocating to Hilliard. There are several houses available for both renting and buying. The fact that purchasing a property here isn’t at all expensive makes it even better. In Hilliard, houses typically cost roughly $270,000. Giving this much money for a house in such a wonderful location seems reasonable. If you don’t have enough money to buy a property in Hilliard right now.

You can save money in the meantime. The fact that Hilliard is so close to Columbus makes it a fantastic place to reside. Being such close to it is a huge plus for Canadian millennials. You will also have a good place for extra stuff here. Luckily for you, there are storage units that you can use in this area. They will take good care of your items till you get them back.

Happy person standing outside

You will have everything you need and more in the Hilliard area. Therefore, be sure to visit the idea of moving here.

German Village is rich in history

German Village’s historic area is immediately recognizable by its lovely brick-lined alleys and immaculate brick residences. With friendly neighbors and lovely homes. German Village, one of Columbus’s oldest neighborhoods, is one of the best locations to live for families. German Village is a great option for millennials in the workforce in Columbus because of its proximity to the city’s core. And the range of housing alternatives.

Without saying that it’s the best Columbus neighborhood to explore if you enjoy German food. We can’t talk about German Village without mentioning¬† Schmidt Sausage Haus & Restaurant, a Columbus staple dating from 1886. This is one of the most famous restaurants in the city. Before you go to enjoy the great food in German Village be sure to prepare fragile items for storage.Something that is easy to do when you know how. Not to mention, it is very important.

Clintonville is one of the top Columbus suburbs

Clintonville, which is six miles from Downtown, combines a short commute with a small-town atmosphere and a diverse neighborhood that appeals to millennials in Columbus. This area offers a diverse range of housing choices and price points to meet every budget. Making it a fantastic alternative for professionals at every phase of their careers. If you’re looking for inexpensive locations to live close to Columbus.

If you love sports, Clintonville is one of the greatest areas to be in Columbus because it is so close to the Ohio State University campus. There is always an Ohio team to root for. Whether it’s in fall football or March Madness. Part of Columbus’ High St., which is home to some of the area’s greatest restaurants and vegetarian-friendly establishments, is also located in Clintonville.

Calculating your budget before moving to the top Columbus suburbs

Clintonville is a great area for millennials that don’t have much money. You can find a home no matter what your budget is.

Downtown is the best place for people that want to be in the heart of Columbus

Downtown is one of the best Columbus suburbs for Canadian millennials and for young professionals who want to live close to the action. Numerous renowned Columbus enterprises, a bustling urban culture, and a largely youthful population can all be found within a few short blocks. The nicest thing about living downtown is that you don’t need a vehicle. Not only is Columbus’ Downtown very walkable, but the city’s public transportation systems also make it simple to travel anywhere you want to go without having to stand in traffic or look for a parking space.

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