Top tips for big families moving to Canada from the US

Top tips for big families moving to Canada from the US

Are you moving to Canada from the US this year? Luckily, we can help you. Relocations can be tricky even if you are moving down the street (and that is the easiest option). Moving internationally, changing currency, food, culture, and such can be very hard for anyone no matter how old you are. If you add kids into that mix, well that can get overwhelming quite fast. Kids are needy and they need all the attention on them so they can flourish. There are ways you can keep your focus on them and move easily. You just need to know how and who can help you. This is what we will be doing today—helping you to relocate your big family to Canada.

Moving to Canada from the US

There are many reasons why this relocation can be a good choice. Free healthcare, woman’s rights, and safety are just on top of our list. Many are moving for job opportunities. No matter what your reason is – you surely chose what is best for your family. Now, let’s start by sharing some tips. The first one is to start preparing as soon as you find out about the relocation. There is no such thing as starting too early. You don’t have to start packing a year in advance but you can do a lot more things to prepare you and your kids for this transition. We like to start with some moving and packing apps. They are free (not all obviously) and full of useful information, tips, and some additional tricks that can help you.

When you’re not tied down by responsibilities at home, moving all around the world on your own can be a liberating experience. Regrettably, things aren’t so easy if you want to take the whole family abroad, especially if you have young children. Those who relocate to Canada with their families will find a friendly and accepting society, but they should still come prepared.

When starting a family, there are more people involved, more things to consider, and more ways in which things could go wrong. To be sure, the payoffs can be enormous if done right. Moving to Canada and making it your permanent home can be an amazing adventure for you and your loved ones. You just need to find the right movers.

A woman with the Canadian flag looking at the mountains and the lake.

Surely you will all enjoy Canada very much.

Canada is keeping families together

Keeping people and families together while honoring the family unit is a top priority for the Canadian government as well as IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada). After one member of a family has become a permanent resident of Canada, bringing over additional members of the same family is a simple process.

You can sponsor family members for a Family Class Visa if you are a Canadian citizen or resident. As a parent, you Parent can sponsor your children. Spouses can sponsor each other, through this program. Adopted children and same-sex couples are not excluded from participation in the program. Further, a “Super Visa” is available to the parents and also grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

You need to prepare for daycare

We all know how costly daycare is in the USA. That’s why we need to talk about daycare in Canada. Most big families have babies and toddlers. So, surely you need to know about it. You should familiarize yourself with both the private and public daycare options (if you have very young children). Provinces and territories may have slightly different regulations. Governments place strict regulations on daycare centers. The cost can exceed $20 per day for each child and is based on a scale that ranges, which means higher-income families will pay more. It sounds fair but not everyone likes this. Alternatively, you can look into unlicensed daycare centers, which may offer more affordable rates.

A kid playing with playdoh

Now you need to prepare your kids for a new daycare. Luckily for you – kids are adaptable.

Packing tips

Moving to Canada from the US doesn’t start from the packing as we already said. It starts with the research and we gave you some clues about that. Now we can talk about packing. We have some tips for you.

  1. Declutter your home before you start packing, it will be much easier to pack and also unpack later on. Also, who needs to bring unnecessary items to their new home? Make sure to involve kids in decluttering. They can donate the toys they no longer use. The same can be done with the clothes they have outgrown.
  2. Download some packing apps to find out all the ways you can save space inside your moving boxes – vacuum bags can be amazing for clothes.
  3. If you pack by room unpacking will be much easier later on
  4. Find a labeling system
  5. Make a list of all the packing material you will be needing so you don’t have to make a few trips. It can be also cheaper that way.
  6. If you have some items you wish to ship, in this case internationally, make sure to reach out to skilled experts to help you.
  7. Also, if the relocation starts to look difficult hire, professional movers.

Hiring professional movers will make everything much easier

Hiring professional movers is the only way you can make moving to Canada from the US easy. Good moving companies like can do pretty much everything you might need involving moving. Packing is often the hardest part and many people need a helping hand. It’s important to find the right movers. The ones that can be there for you every step of the way. There is a possibility of having stress-free relocation. It’s not a myth.

Professional movers loading a moving truck for a client who si moving to Canada from the US.

This is the best tip we have for you.

Things people often forget (learn from their mistakes)

Here is a list of household items you need to pay special attention to since they are often forgotten during the relocation mess :

  • keys are on the top of the list
  • meds
  • things that are on the wall (out of sight, out of mind)
  • purse

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