Tips for preparing your essentials bag

Tips for preparing your essentials bag

If you will be moving, there is one thing you will certainly need – an essentials bag. No matter whether moving alone or with a family of five, you need a bag that contains all the necessary things you use on a daily basis. As relocation can last quite a while, especially long-distance relocation, you need a bag where you have all your things at easy reach. This is very important if you have children as they have lots of needs and you can solve many of them by having this bag with you on moving day. So, if you want to know just what it takes for preparing your essentials bag right, here is where you will find all the tips you need.


The first thing you will need is clothes. You will pack up all your clothing for relocation and you will set aside some of the things you know you will need during the days of moving from your old home to your new home. As moving is stressful and physically challenging, you will surely need a change of clothes at some point. If you are moving with children, they will also need their clothing. You never know what can happen so it is best to have more than to lack. This is important to do even if packing in a hurry.

Folded clothes.

Pack what you will wear during the days of the move.

Hygiene products

You have to keep taking care of yourself even during relocation. This is why you need hygiene products in your essentials bag. You need to brush your teeth so pack up your toothbrush and toothpaste. You will at some point have to take a shower so have a body gel and shampoo in your bag as well. You can pack the travel-size package in order to have more space in your bag.

You will also need:

  • wet wipes
  • deodorant
  • band aid
  • disinfection for wounds
  • medicine.

Important documents

You also need to have all your important documents at hand and they should all be in your essentials bag. As moving requires a lot of paperwork, it is best to have it all in one place. And the safest place for it to be during relocation is with you. And this essentials bag is what you will have with you at all times during relocation.

As these documents are not easy to replace, you should do your best to keep them safe. Even if you are moving with reliable movers such as King’s Transfer Van Lines it is best to take care of your important belongings yourself.

Documentation folder.

You need to have all your important documents with you.

Snacks and refreshments

You will also need some snacks and refreshments during the move and it is best to have them on hand at all times. Especially if moving with children or if moving your elderly parents. But have in mind that you cannot bring just anything with you. For example, chocolates can melt easily and ruin everything you have in your bag. This is why you have to think in advance about just what you are going to bring.

It is best to make some sandwiches and brownies. They are always a good idea. We suggest making more than you will need so that you can share these snacks with your movers. Moving is not easy and they will need some refreshments at some point too. And preparing your essentials bag not only for yourself but for the people helping you move is a nice thing to do.

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