Why Canadian retirees love moving to Florida

Why Canadian retirees love moving to Florida

Have you ever thought about just why Florida is so popular among retirees? Especially Canadian retirees. There are plenty of elderly people living in Florida who moved there all the way from Canada. But why Florida out of all the places? Canada has plenty of beautiful and affordable cities as well so it doesn’t make a lot of sense why so many Canadian retirees love moving to Florida. Moving is a hassle and long-distance moving is an even bigger hassle. Here is where you will find out just some of the reasons why Canadian retirees love moving to Florida and just how you can do it stress-free as well.

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The weather in Florida is more suitable for retirees

If you ask us, we believe that the biggest reason why Canadian retirees move to Florida is the weather. Canada is generally cold. During fall and winter, there is a lot of rain and snow. The temperatures drop drastically low too. And this is when Canada becomes not the best place for the elderly to live in. The cold weather and a lot of snow and rain create a not-so-safe environment for the elderly.

First of all, getting ill in cold weather is very likely to happen. And a lot of elderly people want to avoid this situation from occurring which is why as soon as cold weather and flu season approaches, they go to warmer places.

Florida Island.
Canadian retirees love moving to Florida since they prefer a warmer climate.

Another thing that can happen during fall and winter more likely than in spring and summer is to slip and fall. A lot of Canadian retirees purposely don’t leave their homes when the weather is bad because slipping and falling are very likely to happen. And as this can cause serious health issues, plenty of people decide to just stay inside as much as possible. But that is not good either.

Plenty of affordable places

Another reason why retirees love moving to Florida from Canada is the fact that finding affordable places to live in is an easy task. There are plenty of such places. When you compare Florida to Canada, Florida in its entirety is much more affordable than Canada. There are some very expensive cities in Florida but they are not as expensive as some in Canada.

But you have to do lots of research in order to find the perfect place to call home. There are many amazing locations to consider but doing research is important. This is just one of the tips for Canadian retirees moving to Florida.

Where to move to in Florida?

If you want to move to Florida but you don’t know just where moving to is a good idea, we are here to give you a couple of options. One of the must-consider places sure is Coral Gables. This is a beautiful coastal town where plenty of Canadian retirees already live in.

Florida beach.
There are lots of beautiful coastal cities such as Coral Gables where you can buy a lovely home.

The fact that housing in Coral Gables is not expensive is another reason why this is a place you should consider. There are also plenty of retiree-friendly activities for you to do here. The best thing is that you can reach out to professionals any time when moving to Coral Gables is in question as this area has some amazing moving companies.

But this is not the only place in Florida suitable for retirees. There are many more. And the following are just a few of them:

  • Sarasota
  • Tampa
  • Boca Raton
  • Largo
  • Clearwater
  • Fort Lauderdale.

Investing in Florida real estate is a good idea since Canadian retirees love moving to Florida

A huge reason why Canadian retirees love moving to Florida is that investing in property in Florida is a good idea. Real estate prices are not as high as one would think. But this doesn’t mean they won’t be. This makes now the perfect time to buy property in Florida. Because the prices of homes are so low, Florida is loved by more than just retirees. Plenty of Canadians love Florida and are investing in properties here.

Beach houses in Florida.
There are plenty of beautiful properties that you could buy in Florida as the housing prices are not as high as they are in Canada.

Another great thing about Florida is that you have lots of different options when it comes to properties. But by far the most popular among retirees are houses. Houses in Florida are amazing. They are spacious and have beautiful back and front yards generally. What is great about moving to Florida is that you have an opportunity to live in a beach home. Beach houses are very common in Florida as it is a coastal state. Beach houses are more expensive but they are definitely worth the money.

Plenty of elderly-friendly activities

What is another reason why Canadian retirees love moving to Florida is the fact that Florida has lots of activities for the elderly to do. One of the most popular activities among retirees in Florida is golf. There are plenty of golf courses and clubs in Florida.

Florida is a beautiful state and there are lots of parks which is another great thing for retirees. As the weather is generally nice in Florida, this means that you can spend a lot of time outside in nature. And as there are plenty of parks, you will always have where to go and what to do. Pro Movers Miami can help you relocate to any city in Florida stress-free.

Your family will love coming over to visit you

Not only will you love the fact that you are living in Florida but so will the rest of your family. This is surely why they will do their best to come and visit you often. And that is a very important thing. As you are moving away from the country, you will not be seeing your closest ones as frequently as before. By living in such an amazing place as Florida, you are ensuring that your family members come more often. Canadians love vacationing in Florida. This surely is one of the reasons why Canadian retirees love moving to Florida.

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