6 tips for Canadian expats living in NYC

6 tips for Canadian expats living in NYC

One of the most iconic places in the world is New York City. This place captures the imagination of the world and is a top destination to not only visit but move to as well. If you have the dream of relocating here you are definitely not the only one. Almost 25% of the New York workforce are immigrants and many Canadians now call NYC their home. However, being an expert here demands that you have a certain knowledge of the city. There are certain tips for Canadian expats living in NYC that you should be aware of. So, let’s see what it is you should know about this great city.

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NYC is a welcoming place

NYC is one of the most diverse places you can find in the US. With many people moving here from all over the world it is a melting pot. You can find almost every religion, language, or nation living here as a great and diverse community. The city is mostly known for its rush and crowds but there is something great that draws people here. From the developed economy and finances to the richness of culture, cuisine, arts, and social life NYC has it all. However, coming to New York is not as simple as calling Pack & Go Movers to get you there. There is a lot to know and prepare for when planning a move here.

A busy street in New York full of Canadian expats living in NYC
New York is a busy and hectic city

A few tips if you don’t know where to start

Prepare well for what New York is. To make it here you should get to know some important tips. Here is what you should do once you start living here.

  • Get used to the crowds
  • Search for a home
  • Save some money
  • Hire the right movers
  • Explore the city
  • Mingle


NYC is a dream come through for many people moving here. It is a popular place to move to and thus very crowded. The NYC lifestyle is therefore very hectic and dynamic. It is a place that is always moving and changing. With this in mind, it is a big change to the Canadian lifestyle. Most Canadian expats must prepare and get used to the crowds and constant rush of this big city.

Search for a home

New York is expensive and finding a home here is not easy. First of all, homes are expensive, and finding one that will suit your needs and for a good price is difficult. With unlimited funding navigating the real estate and renting market here would be easy. However, realistically you will have problems finding the right home. You will be forced to search for a rental which is in high demand and usually expensive and small. This issue is furthermore complicated by the fact that with many people pouring into the Big Apple it is almost impossible to find vacancies.

So, moving to New York means that you have to find a home well in advance and you should start your research immediately. This process can take months and can be frustrating. Keep in mind that you will have the biggest problem looking for a suitable home in Manhattan. So, it’s more reasonable to search in other parts of the city. Invest some time in searching for a home. it will allow you to get insight into the market, and pricing and get a better feel and understanding of the market.

Save money

New York and particularly Manhattan are very expensive. The cost of living is sky-high and may cause experts some trouble when moving here. This all means that you should be financially stable and balanced before moving here. Many people move here for career opportunities and high salaries. However, when first coming here you must be prepared for the high cost of living before you get your bearings. So, one of the tips for Canadian expats living in NYC is to start saving some money and creating a nest egg months before moving here. Think about your moving, housing, and travel expenses and you will be clear about the need to save up before moving here.

Apartment building
Invest some time into finding the right place to live

Find the right movers

Handling your cross-border move is a complex activity. It takes plenty of planning and organization to complete the move right. This is where hiring the right moving company comes into play. You must sign with a reliable and trustworthy company. Reputable movers are experienced and can put your mind at ease about the whole moving process. They will also be able to handle the paperwork you will need when moving some of your things from Canada. But besides this, once you get on your feet in NYC, you might wish to move around and change the neighborhood or the apartment. In these cases, you should be prepared to find and hire reliable local movers to handle the job. With adequate experience and knowledge of the city, they will make your local move a breeze.

Explore the city

Moving to NYC from Canada is a big change. To make sure you can adapt and to make this process easier and quicker you should explore the city before moving. You can concentrate on your chosen, area, borough, or neighborhood. Exploring and getting to know this city will help you feel more at home. You can get accustomed to the city faster. To accept the city make sure you get to know the area and neighboring shops, bookstores, and fast food places. Also visit pubs, restaurants, cafes bars other places where you can meet people and have some fun. There is plenty to do here so exploit it during this adaptation process.

Meet the people

New York is simply teaming up with people from all over the world. If you go about exploring the city you will have the opportunity to meet different people and establish relationships. Having a social life here is easy and simple. Meeting people is easy and they are usually friendly. Chances are that once you move here if you are open and open-minded you will create an interesting social circle and pool of friends.

Moving crew
Find the right movers for your NYC relocation

Canadian expats living in NYC are an essential part of it

Moving to a big city like this is not easy. It takes time and effort to get used to it and adapt. With some of these tips for Canadian expats living in NYC, you can make this process easier, simpler, and less challenging.

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