Fun facts about Burlington to share with your kids

Fun facts about Burlington to share with your kids<br>

If you are moving to Burlington this year with your kids you need to start preparing them as soon as possible. Kids require a lot of attention and patience when it comes to moving and what better way to start if not sharing some fun facts about Burlington? Burlington is a lovely, compact city. It is home to a strong arts community, numerous museums and learning programs, fantastic shopping, a couple of great colleges and also a university, and a wide variety of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed throughout all four seasons. It should come as no surprise that this welcoming and manageable city frequently wins national accolades. All that might not be good enough for your kids and that’s why we have to focus on them now.

Let’s start with the name of the city

You should start by showing your kids the new neighborhood (you can do that online). Also, you should show them all the nearby amenities that you will enjoy together like parks and such. Then you can start talking more about the city itself. We can start with the name. It’s always fun to find out about the name of a place because that is something we don’t think about often.

If you check out the book called  “Legendary Locals of Burlington” that is written by Robert J. Resnik you will find out all about it. The town of Burlington was chartered in the year 1763 and most likely got its name from the rich landowner from New York called Edward Burling (and his family). Before that, the name of the city was Garden of Canada. The current nickname of the city is The Queen City. Make sure to visit the museums to find out all about the early days of this city. It could be fun if your kids are a bit older. Toddlers don’t care about history.

A on the wall map showing the USA and Canada

Now your kids will be prepared for a trivia night as well. Not many people know the history behind the name of their hometown.

The reason why people love Burlington

Your kids might be interested in finding out why people like this city. You should know that even seniors like this place. Explaining this can help them to be more excited about the upcoming relocation. Luckily, we can share some insight. People are usually drawn to this city due to the natural beauty of its surroundings. Its shoreline is breathtaking. This city also looks nice thanks to its excellent infrastructure, which makes it a desirable location for commuters.

Its economy is broad, and its placement between Toronto and Hamilton, in close proximity to the border with the United States, makes it an excellent candidate for economic expansion. You can find some exciting things to see in Toronto and explain how close by you will be.

What are people from Burlington called?

This is a question you can expect from teenagers. Luckily, we know the answer. Well, in this case, there are two right answers. Burlingtonian and Burlingtonite are the answers. Now you know this as one of the fun facts about Burlington.

Now let’s talk about moving to Burlington. If you are looking to become Burlingtonian you will need some help. Luckily, nowadays moving companies can handle every aspect of your relocation. They can start with packing and be there for you until you are all settled in. All you need to do is reach out to your neighbors and they will handle everything you might need like unpacking for example.

A girl waving and talking about facts about Burlington

This is one of the facts about Burlington that we didn’t know about until recently.

Talk about lake Ontario with your kids

Lake Ontario can be an amazing place to explore. You can have so many fun activities here. This city is on the southwestern tip of Lake Ontario, directly across from Hamilton, from which it is physically separated by Burlington Bay. That means you can visit Ontario lake as often as you like. Outdoorsy families love this lake mostly for its unique geographical landscapes. Once the summer comes you can enjoy some sports together.

Get them excited

Living in Burlington is a pleasant experience overall. Buying a house here can also be a nice experience. Here is another one of the fun facts about Burlington you can share with your kids – this city has the second smallest population in the region. The residents here genuinely like the city’s urban and suburban atmosphere. There is an abundance of nightclubs, dining establishments, coffee shops, and parks in Burlington. Show your kids what you think they will like. Maybe nightlife is not yet exciting for your little ones but parks are. Find kid-friendly restaurants.

kids playing games outside

If you manage to get them excited about this – the whole relocation will be less stressful. Use all the facts we showed you and research your new neighborhood as well.

Moving to Burlington with your kids

We showed you some fun facts about Burlington and you can now share them with your little ones. It could help them to familiarize themselves with their new home before you arrive. That will make them feel more in control and that’s always a plus. This place can be really good for them but the kids need some time to realize that. Luckily they have you a responsible parent who is willing to go the extra mile to accommodate your kid. You should be proud of yourself.

Residents in Burlington are considered to be nice and friendly and chances are – you will fit right in. This is a kid-friendly town so your kids will be ok as well. You now need to prepare for relocation and make all the arrangements. That is the hard part but we have one tip about that as well. Download some moving apps as they are the ultimate moving tool nowadays. You can even find movers there. Good luck!

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