The importance of online moving reviews

The importance of online moving reviews

Online moving reviews are extremely important. If you don’t know why – we are about to show you. Ratings and sharing opinions are becoming a common component of many people’s routines. These comments cover a wide range of establishments in the hospitality business, from restaurants to spas. But reviews are essential for the business being reviewed and the people who rely on them to make a decision. The moving industry is one of the few that relies largely on online reviews and other forms of word-of-mouth advertising.

Most people read the reviews before deciding on a business

Most search engine results page one placement for a mover will include reviews. But should you really give any weight to these critiques?  According to the results of the BrightLocal – Local Consumer Review Survey, nearly 70% of consumers read between four and six reviews before making a decision about a local business. That’s a lot obviously. Prior to hiring a moving company, you should think about reading at least a few reviews for the reasons given below. But don’t rely only on the reviews on their own website. Go further. Check out Google reviews as well. This is a great way to get to know a company and find out what its previous customers think about them. 

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Online moving reviews make finding the right movers much easier.

This is a good way to avoid scammers

In spite of the fact that people may more easily locate service providers in this day and age, they are also more likely to fall victim to moving scams because of their reliance on the internet. Finding reviews that talk about fraud is a good indicator of whether or not a moving business is legitimate. If you encounter such reviews about the company you are looking to hire, think twice. You might want to choose a different company.

Also, when a company sounds too good to be true – chances are it is. It’s impossible for any company to be much cheaper than the others and to offer the same experience. If you need more advice about finding a good moving company and avoiding scammers, make sure to check out

Let’s talk about value now

In addition to providing protection against fraud, reviews can also help you save money on your relocation. Price, service quality, and portability are just a few examples of the many variables that could contribute to its value. In-depth reviews allow you to evaluate multiple providers. You can also compare them and eliminate the ones that won’t meet your needs. In spite of this, when you peruse evaluations, don’t forget to check out the replies that businesses have made to reviews that have been written about them. An organization’s principles and whether or not there is more to the tale can be gleaned from how they handle feedback, especially when that feedback is critical. If you see them being rude – keep looking.

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You might be able to save some money.

Why you should leave the review after you are done with relocation

There is a lot to accomplish after a move is complete. You should take the time to write a review, (favorable or negative) for your removalist. Do it regardless of how much else you need to do to settle into your new home. Also, every good moving company can help you to unpack and settle in.


Bad movers can come in a variety of forms just like great movers do. Some are more obvious than others. Also, some of these businesses make mistakes out of carelessness rather than malice. The end consequence is the same for many homeowners nonetheless: higher repair bills. One of the greatest methods to ensure accountability is to provide details about any negative experiences you had with the moving company or any members of the moving team in your review.

According to our research, nearly half of the consumers will not do business with a company that has had one or more unfavorable evaluations. As a result, your rating will not only safeguard future households but will also provide the mover with motivation to improve.


However, our data suggest that potential clients are more likely to choose a company based on positive ratings. Your positive feedback about your mover’s performance can help them win more work. If you hired a small, regional moving business that doesn’t have the resources of a national van line, a positive review is even more important. You can help them out.

You might get rewarded

Leave a review for your mover and you may get more than just the intangible advantages of doing so. Many movers rely on favorable word-of-mouth. Therefore it’s not uncommon for them to give incentives like discounts or freebies to customers who provide feedback after receiving their services. This is what we call a win-win combination.

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This is a good deal.

If you decide to leave the reviews, cover all platforms

Online moving review sites like the BBB, Google, Yelp, and a company’s own site give you plenty of choices. You should constantly inquire as to whether or not the organization has a preferred platform. If you simply intend to post a single review, the best locations to do so are Google or Yelp. You may also want to consider posting your review on sites like Angie’s List and Facebook, as well as any regional message boards frequented by potential clients.

You don’t have to leave any online moving reviews. But think for a second. If you have upcoming relocation you surely know how difficult it is to find the right movers nowadays. There are so many of them and all of them claim that they are the best. That surely can’t be true. Your review could help people in the future. The ones that are sitting and choosing right now, just as you once did. It will only take a little of your time, so why not do it?

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