Why You Should Have a Laundry Room in Your House

Why You Should Have a Laundry Room in Your House

Once upon a time, most home designs included a laundry room. As homes got smaller, one of the handiest rooms was eliminated in order to save space for the more essential rooms. After decades of absence, laundry rooms are making a comeback, and they’re more practical and stylish than ever. If you’re wondering whether you should have a laundry room in your house, we hope this article makes your decision a little easier. 

A laundry room helps you sell faster

Laundry rooms are one of the most wanted home features among today’s homebuyers. Many buyers consider this room highly desirable or a must-have. Whether you’re selling or buying a home, this popular feature is worth having. 

If you want to upgrade a house without an existing laundry room, you have the option of building an extra room or repurposing one. The project typically includes appliance installation, new floors, plumbing, and storage. 

The price of adding a laundry room depends on factors like the size of the room, your choice of appliances and furniture, and the place you choose to put it. For example, installing a laundry room closer to the bedroom normally costs more than putting it in the basement. Also, if you already have the necessary furniture and appliances in your old home and you’re not buying anything new, you will save a lot of money. All you need to do in that case is handle the transport of your household goods to the new home with the help of pros from Allied Van Lines

A handshake.
A laundry room can get you a better deal when trying to sell your home.

A laundry room declutters your home

Washing machines aren’t exactly small. In homes without a dedicated laundry room, people usually stash them somewhere in the kitchen or bathroom. In addition to being an eyesore, washing machines take up lots of space in these areas. Plus, there is usually a large laundry bin somewhere near the machine with piles of laundry flooding it. The bin adds even more clutter, not to mention the unpleasant smell of dirty laundry! So, a laundry room provides a creative way to declutter your home!

Then, there’s the problem of clean laundry lying around, taking up space while waiting to be folded and ironed. Let’s face it – we all live busy lives, and laundry often has to wait a little longer for its turn. With a dedicated laundry room, your clothes can be stashed in a secluded area and you don’t have to sacrifice any other room. 

What to keep in your laundry room

  1. Essential Supplies
  2. Detergent
  3. Fabric softener
  4. Bleach
  5. Laundry color catchers
  6. Stain and odor removers
  7.  Ironing and Sewing Supplies
  8. Extra Towels
  9. Garbage Can
  10. Appliance Instruction Manuals
  11. Extras

In addition to the basics, depending on how big the space is, you can add some extras, such as a folding area, an ironing board and iron steamer, a drying rack or indoor clothesline, a clothing rack or rod to hang clothes you’ve ironed, etc. 

If your laundry room is spacious enough, you can also use it to store other items and keep the mess out of your living space. For example, it could be the perfect place to store towels, luggage, recycling bins or clothes you want to donate. You can also safely store chemical cleaning products that can be harmful to children and pets. It is a good idea to lock your chemicals in a laundry cabin to prevent accidents while getting rid of kitchen clutter at the same time. Be careful though – don’t let your laundry room become a dumping ground!

Doing laundry is easier

Doing laundry is one of the most hated household chores. The beauty of having a laundry room in your house is having everything you need in one single place, right where you need it. A specifically designed area for these types of tasks makes your laundry routine much more efficient thus saving you a ton of time and energy.

A laundry room can look great

No one really loves to spend time in their laundry room, however, doing laundry in a beautiful and fully equipped area can be quite enjoyable, even relaxing. Few people give serious thought to laundry room décor, but this room can be just as fun and visually appealing as any other. 

Whether you prefer modern design concepts and ideas or traditional ones, your laundry room doesn’t have to be boring. For instance, you can modernize it by installing a sound system so you can listen to music while doing laundry. Or, organize it like a bathroom. Try adding your personal touch through furniture arrangement, paint, lighting, and wall art, just like you would in any other room. Pick some beautiful rugs, mats, curtains, and matching boxes or baskets to hide plastic and cardboard packaging. 

A stylish washing area as an example of why you should have a laundry room in your house.
A stylish laundry room can look amazing in any home!

Your clothes look and smell better

When you have a comfortable working area and all the supplies you need in one place, you can give your laundry all the attention it requires. Additionally, doing laundry in your kitchen or basement means exposing it to all sorts of smells. Keeping your clothes in a room where you cook or in a moldy basement without proper ventilation is never a good idea. Having a separate laundry room in your house keeps your clean clothes smelling fresh and your dirty clothes away from everything else. 

In Conclusion

If you are tired of dragging your laundry bag to the nearest laundromat and back, you know very well why you should have a laundry room in your house. Installing a laundry room will change your life for the better and save you money. So, what are you waiting for?

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