5 tips for families that are planning to leave Canada for Hong Kong

5 tips for families that are planning to leave Canada for Hong Kong

Moving away is a stressful process for individuals and the entire family. Especially when you have small children and have to relocate to the other side of the planet, these moving days will be turbulent, and at some moments, you will probably want to give up. But it is very important that you don’t. There are plenty of things that could help you stay focused and on track. If you know how you can prepare adequately, nothing will come your way. That is the reason why we prepared some useful tips that are for families that are planning to leave Canada for Hong Kong. It is a big challenge in every way, and you must be prepared. You will also need to seek advice for expats living in China. Prepare for a big difference.

When you want to leave Canada for Hong Kong, prepare your family and discuss it with them

Reasons for relocation are various. Sometimes it is because of health problems, and sometimes because of the job offer. But in general, no matter your main reason, this is not something you can just decide on your own. You have to talk with other members of your family, regardless of their age. When you can make a decision together, that is a sign you should go for it and do it. Sometimes when people are forced to move across the globe because of one person, things in the relationships change. And those are, for sure, not your intentions. Having peace is very important during a relocation, and the only way you can achieve that is by communicating and hearing everyone out. But if you simply follow the steps from your checklist, you will see that this one is very important, so you can proceed to the next one.

You should pay special attention to your kids. Depending on their age, they will react differently. Teenagers are most difficult to deal with since they are more likely to be stubborn and frustrated by any decision they don’t agree with. And with that, it is not easy to cooperate with them. Smaller children won’t understand the reasons behind a relocation, but they will understand that they won’t be able to change it. So at some point, they will start cooperating. And at this moment, this is something that you need. Let your kids tell you how they feel and explain their intentions. That is the only way how you can get them to be on your side.

A family planning to leave Canada for Hong Kong.
To be able to leave Canada for Hong Kong, you need to cooperate with each other.

Focus on getting movers that can relocate you overseas

For every relocation, a person has a couple of choices on how that may go. The two of them that are most difficult to choose are if you want the relocation to be done by the moving company, or if you should do it on your own. Normally, the decision on this depends on your situation. If you need to relocate just a street away, you can probably do it on your own without anyone’s help. But when you want to transport your household and family from Canada to Hong Kong, you will need to hire professional movers to help you out with that.

There are various options when it comes to choosing a moving company. But not all of them offer overseas and international services. That is why you need to start searching for the right moving company as soon as you figure out this relocation is happening. However, make sure to know all the tips and tricks on how you can easily notice scammers and avoid them. There are many on the market. So, be careful and don’t hire the first movers that you see. Take your time and check out what movers you can afford and if the services they have are the ones you actually need. Remember to find a guide on buying property there, because you will need one.

Make sure that you know what you can pack before leaving Canada for Hong Kong

Each country is different, and so are the rules and regulations. What is allowed in Canada doesn’t necessarily mean you can bring it to Asia or Europe even. Before you pack up your entire home in a bunch of boxes, you must check out with the Chinese government, especially since Asian regulations differ a lot from Canadian ones. If you bring something you are not allowed to, not only will they take it away from you, but you can also be fined or much worse. So, don’t let something like this happen. There are official government websites with lists of prohibited and restricted items you can find on your own. Check it out and get rid of those things. The rest, you can pack.

A security guard at the airport.
Know what items are prohibited, and you won’t have problems with security and customs.

Prepare for cultural differences while you are still on time

Living your entire life in the same place is a great thing. You are used to your surroundings and have nothing to think about or worry about. But before you jump on a plane and move to Hong Kong, there are certain things you need to know. Their culture is quite different from the one you have in Canada. Customs as well. You should learn something so you know what you can expect. Being familiar with the language is also recommended. However, make sure to prep your essentials in the meantime, as they are equally important.

Secure your family by having a job and a new home

Since this is an oversea relocation, you can’t risk it and afford to relocate without having a job and a roof over your head. Especially when you have an entire family to think of, so make sure everything is how it should be before even getting there. The relocation would be impossible without a home and a new job.

Bunch of cardboard boxes for the relocation.
Try to pack as less as possible.

There will be enough time for everything

Before you leave Canada for Hong Kong, there are plenty of obligations you will have to do. And even once you get there, it will be the same. However, there is enough time for you to do everything. You should rest and settle down first. Leave all that for later, once you are familiar with your new surroundings.

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