Guide to exploring food scene in Canada

Guide to exploring food scene in Canada

Even though Canada is not so famous for its cuisine, there are many things you need to try out once you relocate here. As in many other places, exploring food scene in Canada is included in exploring each province. This article will be useful to you because you will know where you should start and where you should move on to next. No matter what you try here, you won’t regret it. Canadian dishes are very tasty, and snacks are delicious. At the same time, this is a great excuse to make a road trip around the entire country. This will be something you will remember forever. Therefore pack your bags, charge your cameras, and get ready to enjoy amazing food and stunning views. During the trip, there are many fun facts you can share with your kids and keep the driving part interesting.

Start exploring food scene in Canada from Ottawa, Ontario

As you probably already know, Ontario is the most famous Canadian city since it is the political capital. But besides those things and skylines, this is a great place to start exploring since they offer great cuisine. The signature dish in Ontario is Beaver Tails. It is a sweet dish made of deep-fried pastries that are topped with powdered sugar, cinnamon, or even whipped cream. And you can find them at Byward Market. Also, Ontario is the home of Le Cordon Bleu, so you can imagine why the food here must be great. Defining dishes of Ontario are some Canadian classics such as poutine and peameal bacon, wine-paired meat, or even fish dishes with artisan cheeses and homemade sauces.

Other well-crafted global cuisines from France, Japan, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Vietnam, and Lebanon exist. However, eating in these restaurants was not the purpose of this trip. So you can leave that for when the trip is over.

Now, there are a lot of restaurants in Ontario, and we will help you choose some of the best ones. You should check out Whalesbone Oyster House on Bank Street for sustainable seafood. You can check out King Eddy on Clarence Street if you want something to fill you up. There are plenty of burgers, but King Eddy Burger is a must-try. They add Canadian Cheddar you will love. In case you have free space in your stomach for something sweet, on William Street, there is Cacao 70, where every dish is chocolate. Hurry up, and after reliable movers like Harris Movers have your belongings delivered, you make sure to get on that road trip.

Canadian coffee mug and a maple leaf.
Exploring food scene in Canada should be on your bucket list.

You will be able to enjoy different flavors in Quebec as well

Probably you didn’t even know this, but Quebec City is among the 20 Best Food Cities in The World. This is where you can eat dishes that are a mixture of French and Canadian tastes. What makes these dishes specific is that foal in this province is to make all the food taste as our grandmothers used to make them. And no one can resist that, right? Tourtiere is one of the most defining dishes in Quebec City. It is just a basic pie made from a combination of beef, minced pork, veal, or a version with a flaky pastry topping. They also have poutine, but this one differs from the one in other areas. You get french fries and cheese curds with brown gravy. Also, buckwheat pancakes are particular for this area.

To try some of the best traditional food with a local taste, you must go to Rue du Sault au Matelot. For meat dishes that are slowly smoked and juicy, you can try out Chez Biceps BBQ, which is on Boulevard Henri-Bourassa. For a nice family dinner with family recipes, you can try iX Pour Bistro. If you prefer to stick to French roots, you must go to Laurie Raphael on Rue Dalhousie. There are many reasons behind Canadian love for Quebec, and food is only one of them.

When exploring food scene in Canada visiting Victoria in British Columbia is a must

Even though this is a tiny city, Victoria is home to many craft beers, creative cocktails, and the farm-to-table movement. There are plenty of pop-up street vendors, outdoor markets with fresh ingredients, pubs where you can feel British vibes, microbreweries, and many global eateries. The most specific dish you can get in this place is halibut or cod, a fish that is served with chips and tartar source. There are also Pacific seafood dishes such as Dungeness crab, prawns, and oysters. And something we all love, Victoria is a place where you can eat five different types of salmon. While you are there, make sure to try local cheeses and veggies.

Exploring food scene in Canada includes trying out meat dishes such as the one in the picture
Meat dishes are among the favorite ones in entire Canada.

Go through St. John’s in Newfoundland; you won’t regret it

St. John’s is a place that is home to the cod fishing industry that begins in the early 1990s. Home-cooked comfort food is their specialty. Some of the defining dishes you must try here might seem basic, but they taste amazing. Fish and brewis is the most popular dish, as cod cheeks or tongue, and even seal flipper pie. There is also a Jiggs’ Dinner, a traditional meal made of salt beef, fresh veggies, and pudding. Exploring cities in Ontario is also fun, but this is a better experience.

Kelowna is another place in British Columbia great to explore

If you thought the food scene in the previous places was different and diverse, you would be surprised to explore Kelowna. Here, the dining scene is differs a lot. The most popular dish here is a Bannock, a traditional First Nation’s flat, quick bread. But now, there are innovative toppings people add. You must try a mashed potato brioche and charcuterie with local cheese. And save the goat’s milk gelato in the end to add something sweet to your day.

Different home made maple syrups.
We all know Canada for its maple syrup, so grab some homemade ones while on your trip.

It doesn’t end here

Not only provinces have specific dishes. Each city has something different to offer. It’s not only about maple syrup and salmon. There is so much more you can explore and try out. So make sure to add more stops to your trip. And explore food scene in Canada in some villages. You will like it better than dining in some pricey restaurants.

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