How to recognize and avoid moving scams

How to recognize and avoid moving scams

The moving industry is booming each year more and more. Which is a great thing, but there are some downsides that come along with it. There are people trying to make fake companies to scam others in need. And unfortunately, they manage to trick a surprisingly big number of people. That is the reason why you need to know how to recognize and avoid moving scams. It is not too complicated, you just need to check a couple of things and the situation will be clear to you right away. As soon as you know the importance of online moving reviews, you have nothing to worry about.

The first thing that will help you to recognize and avoid moving scams is to check if the company has a proper license

One of the most important things that every moving company that is legit needs to have is a license. If they are not allowed by the government to do the job they want to do, you know that something is not right. People hesitate and feel uncomfortable when it comes to asking these questions. But they shouldn’t. It is your complete and full right to know such things. So, once you find a moving company you find fitting, ask them right away if they have a license and if you can see it. If they have nothing to hide from you, it won’t be a problem.

Woman stressing out because of the moving scams.
Moving scams are often so you need to prepare yourself.

Low rate is also an indicator of a moving scam as well

When you start looking for a moving company your first move would be to call some friends or family members that relocated not that long ago. You would ask them for advice and for the number of movers they used. If you don’t have anyone that can help you out, you will have to use the internet. And how you can easily check if the moving company is real or not through ratings and reviews. Usually, scammers have fake reviews that are probably real humans who didn’t write. There are reasons you need to check reviews before booking movers, and this is only one of them.

You can recognize moving scams if a company asks you to pay in advance

It is well known that a moving company doesn’t know the exact full price until the very end of a relocation. And because of that, they are not able to ask you to pay anything in advance. This is something that only scammers would ask you do to. They will calculate some expenses and they will charge you right away before the move even happens. If you want to manage your expenses and even save money on moving, you need to be very careful with this.

Card terminal with a bill.
You should never pay in advance.

Pay attention to their logo as well

Usually one of the indicators that can help you to recognize and avoid moving scams is a company’s logo. They can either be without a logo, which is suspicious right away. Or they can even have different logos on different platforms. Sometimes the difference in logos is small, so make sure to check it out properly and plan your relocation only after you are aware of scam indicators.

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